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HT Platform: Nandita Sengupta July 27, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Reviews/Rants.

Sex Education begins at home, she says. The lady feels that sex education in schools should be ‘put on hold for the moment’

Sample her gems-

‘In December 2004, two teenagers showed us why introducing sex education in Indian schools is asking for trouble’. She was, ofcourse, referring to the infamous MMS case. Note the keywords: teenagers, INDIAN SCHOOLS, trouble…

She follows that up by contradicting herself by stating in the last sentence of the rubbish piece that- ‘In school, ‘sex education’ with all its overwhelming relevance (????!!!) is best left alone. …The same way that teaching youngsters about religion does not lead to fundamentalism, telling them about sex does not lead to irresponsible behaviour(my italics).’

The woman is daft. I wonder how she got herself published in the edit page. She tries to make a case but her ‘arguments’ are pathetic at best. At one point she attempts to be a great debater and says that ‘Sadly, the aguments for sex education (her italics) are even more hackneyed than those against it-the opponents at least known for thei dogmatic approach’. Er, yeah. Right. Ofcourse, she doesn’t go on to show HOW the arguments are ‘sadly’ more hackneyed. She tries, though. Here, THIS is why she believes it is more ‘hackneyed’-

‘The ‘progressive’ (she puts the word within ‘ ‘) reasoning behind talking about sex is to make minors aware of AIDS so that they can be cautious about their sexual behaviour. It is an unfortunate generation for which sex and talking about sex will be associated with a disease and its entailing burden’.

This sentence astounded me. I mean, what does the idiot want? The world to bury its head under the sand and look the other way? Because, well,er,*cough cough*, AIDS is a burgeoning threat in todays world!! Lets not talk about safe sex because the young shouldn’t forever associate it with yucky disease...

Stupid woman.

Sex education in schools is a must. Most parents feel uncomfortable discussion sex and sexuality with their children. There are children as old as 14-15 (and this is only in my experience…I’m sure the figures an be more horrifying) who do not know what a condom is, who do not know how one becomes pregnant, and that oral sex can transmit the virus.

The point is children WILL find out about dirty dirty sex. (They aren’t blind, and we must credit them with the bare minimum of intelligence. ) Shouldn’t they then be given the correct information about it?

This strange author(her, not me) can choose to live in her own blessed world, but the point is, yes, it would be GREAT if sex education started at home, but in all likelihood, this won’t happen soon. And EVEN if it did, it needs to be supplemented at school. After all, just because they are Parents, it does not mean they have all the information.



1. Kavitha - July 27, 2007

I agree with you. Recently we had a debate about this in class, and most of the arguments against sex-education were in the line of, “it will promote premarital sex which is *gasp* so wrong and against our Indian culture”, that “it will encourage promiscuity” and “parents can always teach their children in the privacy of their homes. Schools better stick to ABC, Math, Social Studies and Science.”

The lady you refer to seems to be highly confused herself. She needs to sort out her thoughts and do some groundwork before giving any opinion.

There is no dearth of idiots in this world.

2. keshav - July 28, 2007

did you just say sex? im sorry i missed the rest

3. yaamyn - July 29, 2007

These so-called “experts” are nothing but paranoid, hypocritic lame-brains who try to impose their own confused versions of morality on us “misguided” youth.
Here’s what it all boils down to.
a) They won’t guide us.
b) They call us ‘misguided’

Bloody Hypocrites.

I say that sex education must not only be taught in schools/ colleges but also to all those legions of peasants, celebrities, lawyers, truck drivers and other people especially vulnerable to STDs..

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