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July 19, 2007

Posted by K in Music.

If there is one sentence I absolutely loathe, it is ‘ it is not safe for a girl to …(fill in the blanks, A B C…)’.

[No comments will be entertained on thisπŸ™‚ …the previous thread went on for far too long.]

I’ve finally sat down and listened to all my new music. I had a craving for non-Maiden music sometime back, and got some Queensryche, Dio, Priest and downloaded some Saxon, Queen, more Queensryche, JETHRO TULL,lol, etcetera. I have now had my fill of them, and my verdict-

Queensryche disappointed me. The album I bought, Empire, was okay when I heard it the first time. The second time, when I listened more closely, I discovered they sing about the same old cliched stuff. Can’t spend another night without you…Jet City Woman…sappy love songs, in other words. The CD booklet also disabused me of my notion that they were an old, British band. They are, infact, a newish AMERICAN band. That explains a lot…;) It’s strange how certain songs by certain bands really appeal to you, but when you get listening, you discover that you don’t really like their other material. I had liked Queensryche’s Queen of the Reich, and Rush’s Bastille Day, but the other Rush album I bought really disappointed me. I still cannot figure out how the same band can produce something as heavy duty(in a screechy, metal-y way) as Bastille Day and something like Vapour Trails, which is PURE candy floss.

Dio…it was a best of CD, and other than the first two songs, I didn’t think it was exceptional. I love Holy Diver(the song; not heard the album), but what I really want is more Dio with Rainbow…now THAT was a holy combination!:)

Priest is divine, but I do prefer the Halford days. Halford is extraordinary. He is unparalleled in the world of metal vocalists. Bruce is right there with him, but there is just that something which sets him apart.

Now that I’ve ‘been out’ and had my fun, it’s back to old school metal for me πŸ™‚ I’ve been listening to the double Reunion release of Sabbath, and it’s been making me very happy πŸ™‚ Old school metal is my dal-bhat…every now and then I will want to venture out and will enjoy my fling with classic rock, progressive rock/metal/bluesy stuff, but four months on(thus long it has been,indeed,hehe) I will want to snuggle up to my hot cup of lemon tea πŸ™‚



1. kanishka - July 20, 2007

you cannot NOT buy operation:mindcrime (by queensryche) if you call yourself a heavy metal fan. they never equalled that record. in fact, I’d say no other band has come close to that record. As much as I love maiden, this is the album i’d take to a deserted beach…see a review here http://www.metal-reviews.com/opq/qy-om.htm

queensryche singing sappy love songs…?…a couple maybe, but even on empire there’s the title song about the corruption in the american police force/skewed expenditure patterns of the american government; and the last song “anybody listening?” which is about the choice that musicians make to take music as their full time career a necessarily risky decision and not the most secure one either (“a life/ under lights and judging eyes”); AND the ballad “silent lucidity” with a simple sweet acoustic guitar line. i dont mean to be rude, but how closely were you listening? i know it’s easy to get put off by jet city woman and another lonely night etc etc but still i think q’ryche do the sappy stuff well. (another lonely night is esp true for those in long distance relationships let me tell you.)

halford and priest…well…they’re all right in a cheesy way. i always thought halford sang far too much in the higher register. the lyrics of judas priest (and halford to a lesser extent) just put me off completely (“faster than a speeding bullet/louder than a metal bomb/ he..is…the…painkiller/ pain…pain..KILLER…KILLER” really?) . the music is decentish but nothing to lose control to.


2. kanishka - July 20, 2007


this song is sad and pretty at the same time esp when geoff tate sings “pardon me, could you spare some change?”

3. pr3rna - July 20, 2007

It is not safe for a girl to……If you hate it sporadic think of our generation. I want to scream and say please! lock up all the people who are the cause of this insecurity and not the girls. Can’t help the girls have to suffer and the rogues are free to scare the girls. Remember the nursery rhyme-
Georgie porgie pudding and pie ,
kissed the girls and made them cry.
when the boys came out to play Georgie Porgie ran away.
I always believed that instead of the girls, Georgie porgie should be forced to cry.

4. sporadicblogger - July 20, 2007

Kanishka- I was listening as closely as I listen to any other band. Which is not saying much, because I generally cannot discern the lyrics without reading it first. Yes, Empire, the title song was one of the better songs on the album, but it no longer does anything for me. Jet City Woman is quite a decent song…I liked it till a day or so back. I guess it has got more to do with me, and how I’m feeling than the content of an album. Like I said, I go through phases when I listen to stuff that I would never ever listen to otherwise. Ofcourse, I’m not saying that I would never ever listen to Queensryche again; I will. They are a good band; they are just not as good as I had initially thought they were. This is, ofcourse, a personal opinion, and you are welcome to disagree.
And Painkiller…I do lose control to that one πŸ™‚ I would not use ‘cheese’ to define Priest,no.

Aunty- I understand what you mean. My mother tells me the kind of restrictions she and my aunt used to have, and I feel fortunate,indeed, to have been born at the time I was πŸ™‚
This is a subject that I am still thinkingabout…what does one do about this, really DO. I remember a class we had in our first year of college. The teacher (certified by large parts of our batch to be a goddess πŸ˜€ ) asked us what we planned to do about the situation(safety for women). We gave a plethora of solutions ranging from change the mindset of the young, try to change as many people as we can etc etc, and I remember she said-“Yes, but what do you plan to DO about it…now…” That one sentence of hers got me thinking, and two years down the line, I am still thinking.

5. anonymouse - July 20, 2007

Any significant change in popular thinking happens when the generation in power happens to be one which grew up with that technology (that’s about 40-50 years of lag, BTW).

I expect a major change in computers in the next decade, and a significant attitudinal change in society wrt women about 2030 (or about the time your kids would have to face these issues).

As for what you can do now, my suggestion is that you start by living normally, and refusing to be afraid. It won’t be easy, but it needs to be done.

6. Hanedin - July 20, 2007

Queensryche has quite a few sappy songs…think in terms of say Another rainy night without you…but the fact is that even these songs despite their diabetically irritating sugar-coated lyrics: refuse to be anything but brilliant. Everybody does sappy songs, it’s just how good you do them. But then I am a sucker for sappy songs.. πŸ˜€
My favorite Priest song is Angel…By Far! I wish I had heard half the metal that you seem to spout about so endlessly, sigh. I guess somehow, somewhere metal just doesn’t do it for me.
And how is college?

7. jnarin - July 21, 2007

Queensryche – They’re good. You should check out their album – “Operation: Mindcrime”. They experimented a lot, and their music is not repetitive. They sort of inspired a lot of current Progressive Rock / Metal bands, including Dream Theater. Taste Progressive Rock is cultivated, and you never like it at the first shot. πŸ™‚

Black Sabbath – For some stupid reason, I really am not that huge a fan of Sabbath as I should be. I don’t know why. They are truly the first Heavy Metal band. And it’s said that in the current days, every riff, every rhythm, every progression that any heavy metal band has is a variation of what Sabbath has done. πŸ™‚

Judas Priest – Halford is the Metal God! If you like his screaching vocals, you should check out albums like Painkiller, Ram it Down, and of course Angel of Retribution. Defenders of the Faith, Stained Class, Screaming for Vengance, Point of Entry are all classics! Halford split from Priest in 1990, and then they re-united in 2004 to release Angel of Retribution. Till then, Tim “Ripper” Owens (currently doing vocals for US based Power Metal band “Iced Earth”) stepped in to take over vocal duties of Priest. The songs were different from what Halford had achieved. You should also check out Halford’s solo albums – Resurrection, and Crucible. πŸ™‚ BTW, Priest’s coming out with a new album (a concept album based on the predictions of Nostradamous) which could be a 2 CD album. πŸ™‚

Other bands I’d recommend – Dream Theater, Symphony X, Rush.


8. jnarin - July 21, 2007

Queensryche – You got to hear “Operation: Mindcrime”. It’s a concept album, meaning all songs are related to a common theme, and kind of flow into the next one, and unless you understand the “concept”, it’s hard to appreciate. Queensryche have been an inspiration to a lot of current progressive metal bands, including the commercially successful Dream Theater. πŸ™‚ Progressive Rock / Metal is hard to take in at the first pass, but you learn to love it, and appreciate it later. It’s an acquired taste.

Black Sabbath – I remember watching an interview of Heavy metal musicians, and everyone of them said that Black Sabbath had inspired them. Most even went to the extent of saying that every riff, every rhythm, every progression that any metal band does today is a variation of what Sabbath did. Personally, I never really liked Sabbath, give or let a few songs. πŸ™‚

Judas Priest – Halford is the Metal God! If you like his ear piercing vocals, I’d suggest you listen to Painkiller (The entire album) and Ram it Down. πŸ™‚ All the others – Sceaming for Vengance, Sin After Sin, Defenders of the Faith, Point of Entry, Stained Class are all, but of course, classics. After Painkiller, Halford left Priest, and then came re-united to do Angel of Retribution, which is pretty good. Tim “Ripper” Owens, doing vocals for American Power Metal Band “Iced Earth”, took over the vocal duties. He did a couple of studio albums – Jugulator and Demolition – which weren’t that bad. If you like Priest, then you should check out Halford’s solo albums – Reserruction and Crucible.

Other bands that I’d recommend trying out – Dream Theater (!), Symphony X, Andromeda (II=I is a killer), Iced Earth, Rush (Think you already listen to Rush).

PS: I’d posted something on similar lines before, but WordPress decided to ignore my comment. 😦

9. jnarin - July 21, 2007

OK. I posted the same comment twice.. And it didn’t come up! 😦

10. C&B - July 21, 2007

i dont know why you feel the need to throw your money away at such needless pursuits. when not listening to iron maiden, and in the mood for something fantastic, why bother to think so much ya? go buy led zeppelin. end of story. then you shan’t have to worry about bad songs once in a while, or weird lyrics, or bad this or strange that. everything rocks, as i have said before.

11. kanishka - July 21, 2007

i only objected to your comment that q’ryche write sappy love songs….they don’t. not all the time.

and please please please get hold of operation:mindcrime. it’s a brilliant album from start to finish; by far the best concept album (in terms of telling a story) that I’ve ever heard. i dunno about the rest of their output (empire is so so as an album with a couple of good songs), but this one really blew and blows my mind. with no sappy songs. and the story is told so well, with lyrics that are as haunting as the music itself (“in the wooden chair beside my window/ i wear a face born in the falling rain/ i talk to shadows from a lonely candle/ recite the phrases from the wall”) i wear a face born in the falling rain…ooh man that gives me goosepimples, what a phrase to describe loneliness/fear/isolation etc…

judas priest lyrics are cheesy (“you’re my turbo lover! tell me there’s no other!”; “lochness! confess! to me!”)…maybe not as much as manowar (though again manowar are entertaining in their chessiness sort of like a class clown, whereas priest come off as taking themselves too seriously). as much as iron maiden do the exact opposite of what a heavy metal should do, priest go to the other extreme. bad lyrics really irritate me, but not if they’re done knowingly. but then what do i know? i like some early bon jovi, because the lyrics are just so much fun (your love is like bad medicine/ and bad medicine is what i need) and not as embarrasing as grown men singing about metal gods and whatnot. in my opinion.

and after going on about operation:mindcrime i’m going to go listen to it right now…BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT

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