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Of silly little things…:D July 8, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Diary, Life, Nonsense.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m twenty, going on two, hehe. My mum and I went for a play yesterday(more on that later) and we sat down in one of those movie-theatre seats. The seat beside me was unoccupied, so I happily appropriated for myself both arm-rests. Such pleasures are short-lived, as I was to find out.

Soon enough, an old gentleman(with blocked sinuses) rolled in with his wife, and plonked himself down beside me. It didn’t take long for me to realise that my elbow, which had been happily resting on the armrest, was suddenly not on the armrest.

I looked at my displaced elbow, and blinked. Then I looked at him and blinked. He had made himself at home. He was lounging in his seat in the way old men do.

I tried to discretely re-insert my elbow, but to no avail. He just wouldn’t share.

(This is where the twenty-going-on-two- bit appears)

So, when the curtains came down after the first half, I rubbed my palms and cackled with glee as he went off to pee(presumably. Old men…ergo). With great deliberation, I planted my entire arm on the arm-rest(tee hee) and looked straight ahead, with a deceptively innocent face (but ofcourse 😉 )

He came back, he sat down, he attempted to make himself at home, when, HA! what does he find? There isn’t place for him on the arm rest! He tried to nudge my elbow off, he tried coughing, he tried shifting again and again in his seat to convey to me that he wanted it back. But, muahaha, I wasn’t shifting my arm, if it was the last thing I did 😀 (That doesn’t sound too grammatical. Oh well. I couldn’t be bothered with the nuances of the language at the moment)

But, I’m a good child. I enjoyed my ‘elbow-joust’, but towards the end of the play, I felt sorry for him, and relinquished my territory 🙂

The play(and now on to more grown-up things 😀 ) was rather brilliant. It was a bengali play by a very famous theatre group from WB, and it was everything I could have wished it to be. The acting was marvelous, the dialogue was brilliant. It was funny and philosophical at the same time. And it brought in Dali and surrealism without whacking you in the face with it. Brilliant! Superb! Encore!

Actually, there is an encore. Today evening they perform again. Another play. Alas, we cannot go.

I might as well throw this in 🙂 I saw Depp’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a few days back. Finally! I had been longing to see this because the previous adaptation that I had watched (on, what else, Hallmark) was rather watery and insipid.

This was good. Once you get used to a Wonka that speaks with an American accent, you get down to loving it. I hate to admit it, but Depp is a bloody good actor. Ya.

(I shall leave off talking about the oompa-loompas, and the way they are portrayed etc etc. I will not rant,no. *Makes grunting noises, and pries fingers off keyboard*).



1. Nishant - July 8, 2007

bad girl! perpetrating mean tricks on our senior citizens! shame shame! i would have happily relinquished my arm-rest and given him unto half my kingdom if he so desired, the poor laryngitic person.

but honestly, go you! show ’em who’s boss!

and great to have a real post after so long!

2. Indrani - July 8, 2007

Yay !! And I have to tell you about EBD. It’s something Nimmy and I *suffer* from. What would you have done if he had asked for you to budge ? I wish I had been there to witness this 🙂 And the play ? What play was this ? PG Wodehouse. Hmpf. I shall shut up 😛

3. jnarin - July 9, 2007

The elbow fight part was hilarious.. 🙂 Some people are obnoxious.. And you were right to let the old man NOT to take arm rests for granted! 😀

4. KnotKeats - July 12, 2007

Just one point: men of any age do not pee.

We piss. We take a leak. We see a man about a horse. We whiz. We’ll even hit the head or go to the john. But we never, ever pee!

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