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Recent reads July 5, 2007

Posted by K in Recent reads-and my comments.

I wanted to make this a page by itself, but that would mean unsettling the pretty number of 3 🙂 So here it stays, and I will go on adding to it.

  • Just William-At School:::: I’d rate this a full on 8/10.Richmal Crompton has a gift. Lovely stuff, didn’t expect to laugh so much. Oh, and I re-found this during my exams. But naturally 🙂
  • William at Christmas:::: An assorted collection of stories featuring William and Christmas time. Funny. Was craving more Crompton post exams, so picked up this and no.3 from Fact and Fiction, Vasant Vihar.
  • William and the Evacuees:::: Less funny. But extremely useful project-wise. Inspired my project selection- a comparison of the use of the pastoral by shakespeare and kiddie fic authors.
  • Wodehouse, Much Obliged, Jeeves:::: picked up a Wodehouse sometime in my history but disliked it. On a hunch I picked one up again, and I don’t regret it. I like it muchly, but I’m aware that its not something I’d like to read all the time/ in every mood.
  • The Remedy:::Absolute crap. Please don’t pick up.
  • Tom Holt, In Your Dreams:::On the way to making him my new favourite author, although I do wish the ending had been less love-lorn. Can’t wait to read Faust Among Equals.
    edit: Discovered that the library has but one Holt 😦 Off to the bookshop with me, I guess.
  • Vince and Joy:::: Made me wince. Picked it up from the library. It was actually second choice, but my first choice turned out to be a book from the children’s section, so I was told politely but firmly,lol, to put it back. The blurb on the cover claims it’s pop lit at its proudest. Hardly. It seemed to me that the author has strange ideas about love and sexuality. But I also stayed up reading it through because some of the emotions she’s broached and talked about, felt familiar. Relationships between friends and peers, family, job satisfaction…this book could be largely sourced from real life.Wouldn’t recommend it.
  • 8. having a lovely time :::Its spelt like that-in smalls. Written by an Eclair 🙂 This was one of those trashy books I gravitate to immediately after exams. Only this time I picked it because of the name and not by the cover. I suffered enough the last time with Vince and Joy. And I got lucky. This was a Sorting Out Billy. I hit pay dirt! 😀 Its a joy. The language usage is controlled and masterful, it’s colourful and the author has a brilliant way of putting things in words. She has created lovely characters, truly rounded. It is sublime 🙂
  • I also picked up two Wodies. One was Eggs Beans and Crumpets or something. This I picked primarily because was feeling rather hungry at that time. I can’t make up my mind about Wodehouse…I think its a mood thing.I can only occassionally appreciate it.
  • Vernon God Little; DBC Pierre: I loved it. Its unusual in the way it uses language. Its full of cusses and is strong on the language, and it’s one of the most beautifully written books I’ve read in a while.


1. glandheim - January 5, 2007

I just jumped to Amazon and read about “In Your Dreams,” and Tom Hold. Thanks for the recommendation.

The Wodehouse books ar a hoot. I was just looking at the complete set at a friend of mine’s library last Sunday. These are classic books that people will be reading 200 years from now.

Happy new year!

2. Nishant Jain - January 6, 2007

I never thought much of Tom Holt. Didn’t really warm to him.

But I think I’ve finished all of Wodehouse now. Except for a few Psmith ones. Time, I think, for you to go to Blandings!

Also, one of the funniest books ever – Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.

3. glandheim - January 7, 2007

If you are looking for hillarious satire about the Brittish upper class, you have to read Evenyn Waugh’s “A Handful of Dust.” There was a decent movie version done in 1988 with James Wilby, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rupert Graves, Anjelica Huston, Judi Dench and Alec Guinness. But nothing does justice to the book, particularly with the lengthy ending, which is a short novel in and of itself.

I can’t think of any other Brittish writers who are rolling on the floor funny.

If you are interested in an absolutely great American writer who practically nobody reads, try Walker Percy. I’d start with “Love in the Ruins.” You won’t want to put it down. It is extremely funny.

If you want some feminist fun and humor try James Morrow’s “Only Begotten Daughter.” From Amazon.com: “Murray Katz, the celibate keeper of an abandoned lighthouse near Atlantic City, has been blessed with a daughter conceived of his own seed and a holy ovum. Like her half brother Jesus, Julie Katz can walk on water, heal the blind, and raise the dead. But being the Messiah isn’t easy, and Julie, bewildered by her role in the divine scheme of things, is tempted by the Devil and challenged by neo- Christian zealots in this lively odyssey through Hell and New Jersey.” This is one funny book.

4. kanishka - March 30, 2007

Have you read “School is a Waste of Time (and other ritings) by Just William”?

It’s life through the eyes of William…and till this day the funniest, truest (if thats a word) thing I’ve ever read.

My favourite quote – “My own nature, though beautiful, has its limitations.”

5. sporadicblogger - March 30, 2007

Hm. I don’t remember. I have read some School stories in the series, but don’t remember names. William is classic 😀 Trying to get hold of some. Will go bookshop hopping after exams.

6. kanishka - March 31, 2007

the thing about that book i.e. School is a waste of time is that it is written AS WILLIAM WOULD WRITE.

So you got spelling mistakes, grammar going here and there, and william “talking” to you as he expounds on fame (“anyone can get famous, look at that guy who got famous for discovering apples fall to the ground”), education (“at present, education is all wrong. you only have to look at grown-ups to understand.”) and such like.

7. sporadicblogger - April 1, 2007

Ah, that sounds interesting! will look it up, thanks!

8. anonymouse - May 5, 2007

I love Tom Holt. I have a few books of his, not the complete set yet. Perhaps we need to exchange stuff?

9. sporadicblogger - May 6, 2007

Wow! ‘not the complete set yet’ 😀 I’d love to be able to say that someday 😮 I possess none. The bookstores around me do not stock Holt 😦 I’ll be giving another bookstore a try on monday. Hopefully I shall possess Faust Among equals. Is that good?

10. anonymouse - May 8, 2007

I have it. I am flying down next weekend to meet bluelullaby. I’ll carry my copy along, and you can borrow it from her. Or we could meet up.

*evil grin*

11. anonymouse - May 8, 2007

Mmmmm, digging through my boxes of books (and cupboards) while there is repair work going on! Fun!

12. sporadicblogger - May 8, 2007

Hehe, thank you 🙂 But I’m not sure if I’ll be here next weekend. If all goes well, my good self shall be outta delhi! Muahaha! 😀

13. anonymouse - May 9, 2007

As I said, bluelullaby is getting those anyway. Borrow from her. Just return them in good condition.

14. sporadicblogger - May 9, 2007

Ok, thank you 🙂

15. anonymouse - May 9, 2007

Oh, and will your bad self still be in Delhi?

16. sporadicblogger - May 9, 2007

As in right now?

17. kanishka - May 9, 2007

I have Faust among Equals. Its hilarious and un-put-down-able.
For Tom Holts variety of humour, that’s quite an achievement.

What I mean is, the smart-alecky sort of humour stars wearing thin in about 100 pages. At least for me.

18. anonymouse - May 10, 2007

As in when I visit 😛
You said my good self shall be outta delhi!, which impiles you have an ungood self. Meeting the ungood self would be doubleplusgood.

19. Aishwarya - May 10, 2007

I just discovered Teksons (gk1) have quite a few Holts. I was rather surprised.

20. sporadicblogger - May 11, 2007

@kanishka-if a non-Holthead like that book, then I most definitely will.
@aishwarya-so they tell me! They even have Ambai!!!

21. KE@$SHAV - July 8, 2007

School is a waste of time!

22. sporadicblogger - July 8, 2007

Depends. Its all relative, my boy. *Dons grandpa’s spectacles*

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