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Warren Hastings ka Saand June 30, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Friends, Reviews/Rants.

I have a tag to answer and Aridhi’s performance to write about. Tag I think I shall do later, aridhi’s acting review I’ll do now 😉 Atleast, a short one. I shall do all the writing later.

I loved her emoting on stage…it was very realistic, not melodramatic. I hate melodrama 🙂 As a Sutradhar, I thought she did a better job than most of the others. The right pauses, the right amount of referring to the projected painting on the curtain. The voice projection, enunciation and volume were rather brillaint too : )

The laughing role ( was it the Malin role?)  was awesome too. I think I liked her best in the comic roles. It is just her thing! I could not believe how she lifted the role of an ordinary cow to such levels! Yes, she played a cow, which meant that she covered herself in a white sheet, stooped and walked about the stage mooing with the other cows.

She, however, brought the cow alive. I don’t know why I go on and on about the cow role and not the others, but I guess it is because of the way a potentially low-key role was transformed into such a unique one. I wish I could do that : )

Oh dear, this sounds rather like a report card! I shall have to redo this post when I’m feeling chirpier 🙂 Goodbye till then 🙂



1. Aridhi - June 30, 2007


*moos happily*

I had no idea you gave my acting THIS much thought!! This is definitely my favourite report card EVER. I love it. I love you. Thank you for watching and thank you for caring and thank you for reviewing. Thank you for being sporadicblogger.

If you are really that keen on redoing this post later.. take a new post to do it. Leave this one as it is! I LOVE IT!

😀 *loves you!*


2. 30 Days in September « Called to Fish (#3) - June 30, 2007

[…] other news, dear sporadicblogger has a review about my acting in “Warren Hastings ka Saand” up at her […]

3. Paul - July 6, 2007


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