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Happiness June 30, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Diary.

I went back to Saket today, hoping to get my hands on 6 new cassettes, as well as on some CDs of Dio, Queensryche and Priest. I didn’t find 6 new cassettes that I would like to own, but was able to exchange a Dance Music cassette I accidentally picked up yesterday with a Queen best of!

So I now have Queen, Priest and Floyd for the combined price of 100!

Also picked up Painkiller, Queensryche and a Dio best-of. I am miserably short of cash post-transaction, but I can live like a miser until next month comes again 🙂



1. Nishant - June 30, 2007

but but…led zeppelin? child! rise and be enlightened!

2. sporadicblogger - June 30, 2007

There were many Lep Zep albums, but they were all CDs. I recently bought one of their albums in cassette format, and I didnt have any Dio and Queenryche, so I thought I’d go for those.
As soon as money shows its face again, I’ll go buy MORE 😀

3. Nishant - July 2, 2007

good girl!

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