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June 30, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, From The Attic.

To be old, to rest on one’s laurels…is that ever to be? Does one ever get old, or for that matter, when can we rest on our laurels? Who are they who rest on their laurels? What do they expect from their passive action? Certainly they can expect no adulation, for the crowd goes where the action lies. Only they, who live for themselves, can ever rest easy, for their lives aren’t measured by the public. They lend a ear to the near and dear, but if it comes down to it, they will stick on their own.

   Are they selfish, those who celebrate life with themselves as the sole audience? Or are they the realisers of the beauty of life as can only be perceived by the best judge of it- themselves. Only then can they get the illusion of perfection and god alone knows they will bloody well settle for it.

   Everybody’s chasing perfection, and nobody’s finding it because everybody is living by somebody else’s rules. The idiocy of the situation strikes one a hefty blow, but only if they think it. Convention, not tradition, is the greatest of great evils. Logic defying actions are explained away as conventions. Just because it has always been done, it will continue to be done. The fools, them all!

     When does inaction cease to become a fault but a condition? When does a syndrome become tagged by a fancy name? If every human fallacy can be explained and put down to some gene or the conditioning of a gene or…just ask Freud, why then do we punish mistakes? It’s all predetermined. A man kills because he is pre-programmed. So why does he rot away in jail? Are we so stupid that we are unable to come up with a solution? Who are we to croak about our superiority?

      Yet we ignore some things. Man is stupid and inferior to its fellow creatures, if not by the so called intelligence, but by his laughable pretences. Atleast the creatures don’t suffer the delusion that they were born leader of the order.

     So much thought and research goes into the whole concept of life. We never hear from the successful pioneers. You know why? Because they see so immediately that we live in such a fool’s paradise that they make good their exit, fast. Who wants to stay back and explain something to the intellectually slow, especially as they do not wish to hear it?

  Yet as long as one doesn’t reach that exalted status, one must go through the useless motions, living life the way they are expected to. Small changes here and there, refusal to be led by the nose is only met by conflict. But it is that conflict that strings them together. Sometimes.




1. Aridhi - July 1, 2007

in deep agreement with you over this… or over my interpretation of this 🙂 i love how you think. i am not sure how a person who doesnt know you in real life would interpret this, but when i read it i see pictures of you flashing before me (from always… u were always different from other ppl, u were always u…) i appreciate u for that.

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