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June 29, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Diary.

There is much i would like to write, but I have not the time to ramble. Therefore I shall make this short and sweet 😉

Went to see Shrek 3 today, and I was moderately pleased with it. I think I shall like it better when I see it on TV. It is still funny, but somehow I wish they had allowed the Ogre to be the King, instead of going for the White Male.

Surprisingly, I even picked up some wisdom from the movie. The White Male, aka Arthur, aka Arty, has a profound dialogue (or is it Shrek… I can compete with a Goldfish for the shortest memory)  where he says that the only one holding you back from what you want is you. That affected me quite a bit. I needed to hear that.

After the movie, owing to a happy accident (more specifically, a mis-estimation of the length of the film), I found myself wandering around Saket, with my poor brother forced to wander with me. I made him wander into a music store. Where I discovered cassettes were being sold at 6 for 99 rupees. Where I bought Priest (Demolition) and Floyd (Animals) and 4 random cassettes (owing to the fact that I found no more to my liking or taste). Where I shall be returning tomorrow.

I have now spent 230 rupees of my July allowance. I shall be spending 100 more tomorrow. And July hasn’t even begun. Sob.



1. pr3rna - June 29, 2007

That music shop in Saket has sale all year round and I always end up buying CD’s which I dont ever listen to. Last time when I went there he was selling 4 CDs for 99 Rs.

2. sporadicblogger - June 30, 2007

4 CDs for 99? 😮 Wow! But I’m sure I won’t find the kind of music I am looking for in that pile…the cassette pile, however, was quite encouraging. I think they are getting rid of all cassettes and making it a CDs only collection.

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