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June 26, 2007

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

I was at college today, manning the area in front of the board where the results of the english entrance test were put up. I did this last year as well, and this is something I will never get tired of doing.

There isn’t much one has to do, except ensure that the orange badge is prominently displayed. Anxious parents and kids and ecstatic parents and kids will spot your orange-ness and ask you (mostly) sane questions.

However, why I like it is because I get to see so many reactions. Some candidates line up early in the morning and anxiously run in to check if they have made it. If they have, a smile or an expression of relief sprouts up immediately, if they haven’t, you can tell they are devastated. A few cry, and you really wish they had made it.

Some parents hug their children hard, and you know this result means a lot to them. I saw one such parent and I almost had tears in my eyes : ). Almost. : )

It is very heartening to see the reactions of some parents…if their ward hasn’t made it to anything they smile encouragingly and say never mind, there are other colleges to check. More than their words, its the expression that matters…you can say the most encouraging things with the longest face and you will not fool anybody. You know and they know that you are really disappointed.

I am happy for everybody that made it. It is a good course in a good college. 🙂



1. pr3rna - June 27, 2007

This year the cut offs are crazy. People with 90% marks are losing hope of getting admission in a good college. After working so hard the students and their parents are disheartened. It is really sad.

2. pallavi - June 27, 2007

awww 😀

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