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May 23, 2007

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I have been watching a bit of TV, so I thought I’d talk about it. Okay,okay. I’m just bored and at home with a cold. I needed something to dosnivel.gif

1.Family Law: Channel-Hallmark. Timing:A million times a day, it seemseyes.gif

One thing- the title music is HIGHLY inappropriate. Most episodes end with a twist that is meant to make you saaad, and suddenly this roaring, rocking score kicks in. Slightly..weird.

One of the main lawyers in this is the guy who used to be in Three’s Company. He has…aged. lol. I personally find him very annoying 😛 Actually quite a few actors in this serial are very annoying…but I still watch it 😀

2. Judging Amy: Channel-Hallmark, again. I’m an addict. Save me.

I got ‘hooked’ on to this show a year or so back. Loved it. I had a thing for courtroom dramas. I don’t like it so much now, but if it’s coming and I am bored, I will watch it.

The character of Maxine Gray is quite brilliant, and the woman who plays it is charming. Sprightly, spirited and spunkey. Aha! I alliterate :-p

Little note- Amy Brenneman who plays Judge Amy also did a movie with the Schwartz man. Maybe it’s because she has got ingrained in my system as Amy from Judging Amy, but I thought she looked ridiculous in it.

3. Grey’s Anatomy: Channel-Star World. Timing:I watch the Thursday morning one.

I know its supposed to be tragi-comic, but it’s the comic bit that gets me. I love the characters, the actors and the storyline. And it’s a medical drama-I have always had a thing for medical anything.

4. Simpsons: Needs no introduction. I watch the late night episodes. Simpsons does this thing to you…you break out into unprovoked laughter at weird and odd times. Like at 3 AM, sometimes eyes.gif

5. Prison Break: Star World, Tuesdays, 10 PM. When I saw the promos I laughed condescendingly. When I watched one of the early episodes I laughed mockingly. Yesterday I swallowed my laughter. I am a new addict.

Fast paced storyline, INTERESTING storyline, and good looking protagonist 😀

Hm. I know I watch more TV. This list shall be updated.

Now,in fact.

6. ER: I watch the Hallmark one, which is older than the season being shown on Zee Cafe. I think it’s a great drama; the characterisation is there, the stories are strong, and it doesn’t drag.

7. Di-Gata Warriors: Channel-Cartoon Network. At first I thought it was another one of those irritating Jap toons. Actually it probably is, but if so, the graphics are way better-the mouths don’t do that weird anime thing. Its a cute, fantasy toon 🙂

8. Popeye– I’m strong to the finech coz I eat me spinech coz I’m Popeye the sailor man, toot toot! 🙂 I love this toon 🙂

9. Tom and Jerry.



1. anonymouse - May 23, 2007

You can read a book while down with a cold, you know?

2. sporadicblogger - May 24, 2007

No,man, no!*cries* Every two minutes I have to reach for a damn tissue and let go of the book…very irritating…

3. anonymouse - May 24, 2007

You need to lie back without a pillow, so that your forehead is actually lower than your nostrils. Makes life much easier.

4. sporadicblogger - May 25, 2007

Really? 😀 I shall try this TODAY. Thanks 😀

5. anonymouse - May 25, 2007

Good luck. *sniffle*.

6. anonymouse - May 25, 2007

Put a pillow under your shoulderblades, and nothing under your head.

7. sporadicblogger - May 25, 2007

You hab a cold too? 🙂

8. anonymouse - May 26, 2007

*Cough*. One of the side effects of flying around.

9. sporadicblogger - June 20, 2007

: )

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