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May 9, 2007

Posted by K in Diary.


Why am I not interning this summer? I should. My brain keeps telling me that I should. It will look good on my CV. The other part of my brain tells me to quit worrying about my CV. I will have to work in any case, in a few years. These are my last few years of laidbackhood. I shall be 20 in a few months. The teens will be behind me. I was looking at my old diary and under things to do when I’m twenty, I saw I had listed ‘going bald’ and ‘going dirt bike riding’.

I have wanted to go bald ever since I was fifteen. It is something that I have to do. I don’t know why; it’s not to make a statement. It’s more like a rite of passage that I have to undergo. I have to shear my hair off. Ruminating and procrastinating is no good. I shall just have to walk into a salon on the spur of the moment and get it done. This is not one of those things that one plans for weeks in advance. Ofourse, certain friends have threatened to disown me, should I go through with it 🙂

20. The dirt bike riding won’t happen. But a trip down south might. I would like to go down to Bangalore, Hampi, Hubli and Mysore soon enough. If things work out, I shall. And then there is Kerala to look forward to.



1. keshav - May 10, 2007

yes! come down! COME DOWN!

2. pr3rna - May 10, 2007

You are right going down south is a better option than going bald or dirt bike riding.

3. Indrani - May 11, 2007

Go bald. I’ve been wanting it too, since forever now. I was more courageous at 7. When I did go bald. Just because. I want to, now. Go bald. Go right ahead and do it. Go on. But I will stroke your head every time we meet then, PAKKA. Can you deal with that? I think going bald would completely be a good idea right now.

4. sporadicblogger - May 11, 2007

@Keshav- I AM! I AM! lol

@aunty- hehehe 😀

@indrani- will you go bald with me? Then we can stroke each otehrs head 😀 hehehe.

5. kanishka - May 13, 2007

you know i went to shimla for a couple of weeks, and I met this aussie medical doctor/aid worker couple (married) who decided it would be fun to travel to India for 2 months WITH A TWO YEAR OLD.

and were surprised at “just how MUCH mossy misses his home”.

well, duh.

btw, mossy is the kids name. very cute too, blonde hair, big blue eyes that look suspiciously at you.

there was a point to this.

6. sporadicblogger - May 13, 2007

lolol, I missed it then (the point 😉 ) 😛

Dumb aussies, though. That, or extremely brave. 😀

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