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An Ode To Unrequited Love May 6, 2007

Posted by K in Nonsense, Poem.


My love was seated on a pony

He rode just out of sight;

I asked if I could take with him

Just one last ride.



Stars shone in his teeth,

His head eclipsed the moon;

I was drunk, dear reader, with desire,

When he smiled at me.



He looked me with clouded eyes

His lips spoke of tender times;

His hair glistened in the moonlight

Oh for that one last ride!


His soft brown hair and gentle eyes

Bent towards my face,

“My love- I’d grant you it

But for my pony’s size”


“My heart wills it to be bigger

But, m’dear, fact is fact;

Tis all it can do to hold me up

Us both would make it wither.”


“I know you pine, I would have you smile

For this one last time.

But, my dear, I’ve upon it!

You may walk beside!


Like Joseph led the donkey

You lead my bonny ride;

Into the sunset

The three of us shall stride


I have no weighty produce

To justify your labour;

But the memory of our Divine Love

Will move your feet with pleasure.”


“Come, my dear, let us foray

Into our last, lingering ride;

I shall be gentle, I’ll hold your hand,

As you match us, stride for stride.”



So saying my love began

Our penultimate journey;

The hand I clutched stilled for me

Those dregs of precious tine.


I roved, it seemed, a new found land

My lover lay as a painting;

My upturned eyes content to watch

His tender, holy face.


All good things cage everyone

And the ship takes us all to sea;

The foolish beat their heads and cry,

But I


Unrequited love.



1. Vasudha - May 6, 2007

Hmm…I wonder how this qualifies as nonsense, ’cause its really, REALLY good!

All good things cage everyone

That’s a really deep line :D….
…..and I stand awe-struck 😀

2. sporadicblogger - May 6, 2007

Thanks 🙂 I’m flattered : )

Nonsense because I’m parodying(or rather, ATTEMPTING to :p) a poem by Browning called the Last ride and other love poems that we did this year, hehe :p

3. pallavi - May 7, 2007

hahahaha oh and i thought the connection was accidental (damn !! ) hahahaha ,very very well done ,i am soo impressed !!

4. sporadicblogger - May 7, 2007

accidental? nahi nahi 😀 I’m a plagiarist, i am :p

5. Indrani - May 7, 2007

I refrained from commenting on the connection… Because I thought I was being silly ! YAY ! I feel better 🙂
Nicely done 😀 😀

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