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Posted by K in Maiden, Parikrama.

 Is playing at Download this June. For the uninitiated… Download Festival at Donnington Park, London is one of THE biggest rock fests in Europe.

Maiden were so impressed by them that they’ve been asked to open for them.

PArikrama has created a myspace account, and they request all fans (and non fans who are willing to<–I add this) to please go to  myspace.com/parikramaindia and add themselves as friend.

Thank you the all 😀 Much obliged 😀



1. Keshav - May 1, 2007

Will this life get any better?
More yesterdays than todays
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it Rained…

2. sporadicblogger - May 1, 2007

Brilliant, isn’t it 🙂

3. jnarin - May 2, 2007

That’s great news!! I guess Parikrama should be overjoyed at the opportunity. Yeah, they deserve it! 😀

4. Vasudha - May 2, 2007

Hey, that is SO cool.But then, the Parikrama guys deserve it..they’re awesome man 😀

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