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A little bit of madness… April 7, 2007

Posted by K in Cricket.

 I must say I’m surprised at some of the decisions the BCCI has taken. I don’t agree with the restriction of endorsements and the gag order on players.

I also don’t think that everybody on the team ought to be paid the same. A Sachin Tendulkar, for instance, ought to get a higher pay packet than a newbie, simply because he’s the more senior player. Thats how it works in all organisations. The performance based incentives(or whatever they term it..) is a good move, however.

I’d like to spill more brains, but I can’t 🙂 Doomsday is now nearing even faster than before.



1. pr3rna - April 10, 2007

Don’t worry the corporates won’t let them restrict the endorsements. There are legal issues also.All the board members are playing to the gallery. They don’t mean anything. As long as their own interests are safeguarded they won’t bother anybody. I am worried Indian Cricket is going the Hockey way.

2. Keshav - April 11, 2007


3. sporadicblogger - April 11, 2007

@Keshav- You have spoken aloud my thoughts, boy.

4. Keshav - April 14, 2007

btw.. Cricket SUCKS! FOOTBALLLLLLLL! :fist:

5. sporadicblogger - April 14, 2007

yeah, yeah. whatever. :p

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