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Lasith Malinga April 1, 2007

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No, nothing more biggrin.gif I just like the name lol.gif



1. pr3rna - April 1, 2007

His hair style looks more like Malang( it means carefree and careless sort of person in Hindi-not the exact meaning though). I thought he chucked but If he did, after that 4 wickets on 4 balls haul there would be an uproar.

2. sporadicblogger - April 1, 2007

Chucking is something I never did get. I could never point out a chucker. Confused me greatly!

3. jnarin - April 2, 2007

And a great way of increasing traffic to your blog. 😛

Imagine the number of people who’d be searching for Lasith Malinga, especially after his 4-wicket haul. 🙂 Anyway, you’ll know. 🙂

4. sporadicblogger - April 2, 2007

Oh dear, yes! 😮 I shall be accused of resorting to cheap tactics to get the counter moving 😮 lol.
oh well. People looking for ‘sexy diya mirza’ land up on my page as well. What to do. I do declare my intentions right on the header :p Keywords being ‘Nothing’ ‘Purposeless’ and ‘Strange’ 😀

5. Ayushi - April 2, 2007

LOL! His hair scares me. And so does his bowling action. 😀

6. sporadicblogger - April 2, 2007

His hair amuses me 😀 Reminds me of that zimbabwean with the crazy hair do..forgot his name 😀

7. kanishka - April 2, 2007

chucking is when the arm of the bowler straigthens before delivery, so you’re not really bowling you’re throwing the ball.

once you throw a ball, it will obviously go faster than if you bowl it.

lasith malinga is by far and away the most obvious chucker in the game right now. and the reason why no one says anything is because calling a sri lankan bowler a chucker is tantamount to putting in your papers if you’re an international cricket umpire.

my brother who’s in the US and watches baseball says malinga is essentially sending down “curve balls”. any baseball ‘bowler’s action is completely illegal in cricket.

such is life…if it wasnt for muralitharan (who doesnt chuck) and Hair (who turned to have morals so loose they were falling to bits) malinga would never have played international cricket.

8. jnarin - April 2, 2007

Hey.. almost forgot to say this.. The first time I saw him bowl, I almost thought he was going to hit the umpire.. 😀 And on increasing the hits thingy, I remember reading a blog wherein the dude used to put in “N**e Kate Moss” or “N*ked pictures of Denise Richards” once in a while. All those time he put those posts in, his blog used to be listed as one of the fastest growing on WordPress. Of course, the posts were empty. 😛

9. sporadicblogger - April 2, 2007

@ Kanishka- yes, i know that. Only thing is spotting a chuck is near impossible for me. The exact point before delivery is too fluid for me to spot.

@jnarin-lol. That dude was very jobless,hehe.

10. Vasudha - April 13, 2007

You like the name?
I like the hair.

😛 😛

11. sporadicblogger - April 13, 2007

The hair too 😉 😀

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