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Giggle March 27, 2007

Posted by K in Nonsense, Poem.

A flick of the wrist sent the feather afar

A gentle breeze swung it further afar

Onto the water, a crest and a trough

Until onward it goes, afar, afar.


A bobbing bottle carries it out to sea

Where the gulls mull over it

While the fish

Pull it under; afar, afar.


A blue land, bereft of light

The darkness plays

A vacuumed haze

And the feather-sucked in afar, afar.


A glaze, a maze, the feathered daze

Lost in nothingness

Carried-afar- by a bolt of

Seaweed lightening.


Out of the sea

Back in the air

Shot down by a ship

Afar from land, afar afar.


A child’s hand

Stuck out to sea

Daddy-look a feather!

Leave it child, God knows where it’s been.


Mollusca, ferry weather, tipple tee, absaluski,

The feather, the feather,

Look, it’s a feather that

Has been on shore, off shore



A feather that flies!

Afar, afar!




1. kyra - March 28, 2007

ooh i likes. very much.

2. sporadicblogger - March 29, 2007

🙂 Thanks muchly for liking 🙂

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