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Life is good :) March 21, 2007

Posted by K in Diary.

After the Maiden concert, things suddenly fell into place.

After Graduation(and I shall graduate,haha) I shall apply for the gap year programme either at the Gap Year College or at another place that Tanu is finding out about for me. Since those programes start june/july-ish that will leave me with atleast 2 free months, in which I shall travel! I shall go to Bangalore (:D), Pune, Chennai, Pondicherry and plonk myself down in Bangalore for a very long time 😀

Post-gap year I shall apply to FTII, Pune and will not go abroad to study. I love this place 😀



1. PALLAVI - March 24, 2007

😀 iam soo glad youre thinking of going abroad now and as i always say ‘i’s not worth it man ‘

2. PALLAVI - March 24, 2007

*not 😛

3. sporadicblogger - March 24, 2007

lol, famous last words 😉

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