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Review: Iron Maiden in Bangalore, 17/03/07 March 20, 2007

Posted by K in Diary, Maiden, Reviews/Rants.

Review from a Fan who did not SEE much biggrin.gif

Reached about the 30th row despite entering the que(actually crashing it; apologies to everybody snivel.gif ) at 2, if not later. We could have pushed forward but didn’t because one of us had been in a bike accident the night before and his arm was all bandaged up. Besides the crush would have been too great, and my friend had enough on his hands keeping me upright during the pushing, to not have to deal with picking up pieces of me squashed underfoot,lol.
The 2 hour wait was BAD, really REALLY hot and stuffy, and I had to turn my nose skywards to breathe pretty often during the gig.
Some joker was blowing balloons and launching them into the air, although some said those were condoms eyes.gif
The wait was actually great in a way because you can really soak up the flavour and mood of the crowd. I had a great crowd around me, none pushed or shoved, most didn’t smoke, and they had a great sense of humour-much needed when you’re on your feet for 8 hours without food and water.
Everytime a roadie came on stage he/she got the loudest cheers,lol. People kep asking the lights men to JUMMPP off the long climbing bar thingies,lol.
My friend managed to get out of the crowd TWICE and get back in,lol. Fatness has its value,lol.
Once FTN came on,well, lets just not say too much about them 🙂 I’m not fond of the genre. I felt sorry for them, the reaction to them was unfair and extreme. Everytime they asked Bangalore to put their hands in th air, all middle fingered hands went up lol.gif Choruses had the audience singing F*** YOU(or was that actually the chorus of all their songs? eyes.gif ) They’re not bad technically as a death/nu/whatever metal band I guess, but they just sucked at opening for Maiden.I thought the vocalist had too much attitude.

That was the fault of the organisers- they should have KNOWN that a nu-metal band wouldn’t be well received for a maiden gig, and had some clauses or something. I now find out that FTN didn’t even get to MEET maiden. That is just terrible treatment by DNA. Then came Parikrama-simply drool.gif according to me 🙂 The vocalist is out of this world, I love their work and Open Skies is painful because its so amazing! Their violinist cannot be human- he is too darn brilliant!!! I started head banging to the violin lol.gif
The push-push shove-shove also started majorly during Parikrama. There had been more pushing earlier but none as bad as this. I panicked,because the lot of us nearly fell, and there was counter pushing, making it all the worse. Hats off to the vocalist for noticing and stopping in the middle of Whiskey Blues. Guys, its LIVES we’re talking about here, he said. Lets just enjoy the music. I could hug.gif him for that! Infact I will tell him next time I go to a parikrama gig coz now that I’m a fangirl I intend to follow them around performances, lol.

I liked how Parikrama were very aware that they were an opening act and not the main show and they were humble without being sissies. 🙂 And yes their set was indeed a fitting reply to all parikrama critics who say they play only covers fist.gif
Then came Lauren Harris- and chants of “Bring your Daddy!” “We want Daddy” lol. I didn’t enjoy her performance either, though the sound was really messed up, I thought. Couldn’t hear her vocals much at all! She also got a little screechy when she asked bangalore to scream. “How ya doing Bangaloree?!”

And she too was received with raised middle fingers when she asked for claps etc. I was a little surprised, actually, because I quite liked her music on myspace. I feel sorry for her as well, I hope she didn’t get too upset.


Great show. Others have mentioned and commented on the setlist so I won’t go into that. It was the same setlist as Athens, Belgrade and Dubai, 14 songs. In a way the short setlist was a good idea because it was very hot, and more fans would have collapsed had they gone on for another half hour.

I was disappointed with the sound. I expected it to be wayyy louder! I caught sporadic glimpses of bruce, dave, adrian, Harry, but I won’t crib about that. I’d rather have the sporadic glimpses than be crushed underfoot 🙂
I totally flipped when Maiden started. My neck muscles are aching, and I’ve never headbanged as much! The crowd around started jumping for a few songs and mass jumping is so much fun! All hail tattered blue sneakers, I didn’t feel ONE foot on me though several landed quite hard on my shoe!lol.
By Hallowed Be Thy Name I was tiring a bit, and only raised my hand and sang along and headbanged in bits. Many many thanks to the guy behind me who helped me out here; I was close to getting crushed again. I wish I could locate him and personally thank him again, but I like a fool didn’t even take his number. I don’t even remember his name! I think he said Tej and he is from Bangalore.
The end was a bit disappointing. I missed the tank; too many taller people. I was so high by the time the crowd started dispersing that I was literally walking around in circles. I couldn’t walk steadily! I wonder if that was because of accidental inhalation of weed, because apparentl there were many people smoking in the venue- my mouth was tasting REALLY bitter eusa_think.gif The bitterness could also be because of the dust- all that jumping unsettled the ground, and my nose and mouth were rather full of it.

Got me an Eddfest shirt before leaving, and the refreshment supply was so bad that all the cold drinks vendors had run out of that and water, and I only found a bottle where they were giving out those left unused by the performers and the crew. Kept it as a souvenir, ha ha.

I met a bunch of sri lankan fans at the bangalore airport today early morning, and really, never seen more dedicated maidenheads. All the way from sri lankan, at the venue since 4:00 AM, climbed onto by Indian fans at the entrance, ending up quite far back though they were the first there, and STILL saying Man, it was worth it! I salute them! : ) edtroop.gif

They all play in bands; they gave me one band cd. The producer of the documentary took an interview of them and Sam Dunn took a pic. They were nice enough to call me for the pic as well, but the fool that I was didn’t go coz I felt awkward 23_2.gif

Maiden was surprised at the crowd- unofficial sources from DNA have confirmed that 68,000 tickets were sold! We beat European crowds hands down!! Apparantly Steve Harris and Adrian Smith gave each other the thumbs up at the begining of the concert, and the band was VERY pleased with the turn out 😀 Some very very lucky blokes ran into maiden, one guy had beer with the ENTIRE band, another spent 2 HOURS with Adrian! 🙂 Bruce and Adrian have said they will be back in 2008 with Early Days Part2. That might be in Mumbai, though I’m hoping it’s still Bangalore. I love Bangalore and I love Bangalore people!!!

These were without a doubt the two best days of my life 🙂 And the concert would NOT have been as enjoyable had i gone alone, so many many thanks to Bala and unknown guy/Tej behind me. I owe them both big meals 🙂



1. kanishka - March 20, 2007

you say they were filming a video…ooh this gets my heart beating faster coz i couldnt go..

2. sporadicblogger - March 20, 2007

🙂 Yes. Steve Dunn was there. They are making a documentary :).

Where are you from? 🙂

3. sriharsha_666 - March 20, 2007

yea i met the band as well,Stigmata or something like that,they gave us a CD too,really got to admire them for coming all the way from Sri Lanka.

Great Review,ever think of writing for a newspaper 😀

4. sporadicblogger - March 20, 2007

Thanks for stopping by 😀
I have the CD of another band-Paranoid Earthlings. I heard it yesterday-they are pretty good! Not fond of the lyrics though 🙂

And thanks for thinking its great 😀 Newspaper?No way! Not good enough!

5. sriharsha_666 - March 20, 2007

looking at the kind of articles India Today/TOI have written,You can do a far better job

6. sporadicblogger - March 20, 2007

lol, yeah. Except for Hindu, no paper did a decent review! I was shocked because that is just plain bad journalism! How tough can it be to google for information?!

7. pallavi - March 20, 2007

yay yay yay so kewl and most excited ‘punches in the air’ 🙂 i cant tell you how happy iam that you went 🙂 what joy maiden has inadvertatntly brought to my heart 🙂

8. pallavi - March 20, 2007

howd you get all those cool smilies in btw …you must send recipies 🙂

9. sporadicblogger - March 21, 2007

Haha, I basically copied the review I did for maidenfansunited.com, which has fun smileys, and the copy paste also brought them along 🙂 No clue how to import them otherwise!

10. kanishka - March 21, 2007

documentary??? well…

i’m in delhi. finance – the lack of it – is the main reason why i couldnt go.

such is life…out of money, out of luck!

though i’m 24, dont own a pickup truck, and certainly have never been in a jail.

well, inside a prison room at any rate.

11. sporadicblogger - March 21, 2007

Lol, ok 😀
Start saving now for 2008 😉 They will come again 😀

12. jnarin - March 21, 2007

Hmm.. Excellent review.. 🙂 And thanx for the info – I wasn’t exactly feeling great about the fact that FTN would be meeting Maiden. 😀 Well, the vocalist did have attitude. Though I have to say, the crowd was hostile to them. 🙂 Well, that’s Bangalore. But hey, they should have remembered that Gods were coming after them. 🙂

Well, as for the rest of the concert – Was in the pit – 10 feet from the stage, fell down a couple of times, the nice dude standing next to me pulled me back up both times. Then he moved away with another wave of the crowd. 🙂

BTW, 68K ??? *Gapes*!!

13. sporadicblogger - March 21, 2007

lol, come on, be a little charitable 😉 FTN couldn’t help winning CRI. We should damn the organisers!
10 feet-how many rows would that be? Bless that nice dude. Its nice dudes like this that make such a difference in how you remember a gig…
Check out the Indian maiden community on orkut-there is a thread on the number of people at the gig.

And thanks for stopping by 🙂

14. jnarin - March 23, 2007

Well, I won’t say FTN were bad, but Galeej Gurus, the winners of last CRI, who opened for Deep Purple, were way better. Despite the fact that I was close to the stage, I couldn’t hear a word of what he was singing, or a note that the guy on the guitar played, or a note of the bass!!

Thanx for the tip on the Orkut thing. Will check out the thread. 🙂 I un-joined the Iron Maiden India community only because of repetitive topics. 🙂

You can find me on the Progressive / Power Metal Community. I am the guy with the “Dream Theater” T-shirt. 🙂

15. sporadicblogger - March 23, 2007

Apparently FTN had terrible sound. They, and others, mention that in their community.
The Maiden India community has improved from before. I joined it ages ago and stopped visiting because it had a lot of n00bs 🙂 Its better now.

16. Indrani - March 24, 2007

Woah !! This ? Incoherent ? Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! This is good stuff ! I can actually see everything you’ve written flash in front of my eyes, like a movie ! And i love the account, and the apt smileys 😛

17. sporadicblogger - March 25, 2007

lol, heh. You blog I see 😀

18. sriharsha_666 - March 25, 2007

now discussing harry potter here 😀

19. sporadicblogger - March 25, 2007

Versatile, aren’t we 😉 😀

20. jnarin - March 26, 2007

Sometimes, it’s hard to find decent topics on the community. I remember reading things like “Hallowed Be Thy Name” is an Iron Maiden cover of a Cradle Filth song, “Judas Priest vs Iron Maiden – who is better”, “Metallica vs Iron Maiden”, “Please post MP3 links to Iron Maiden Songs”, etc. 🙂 I mean, these guys call themselves fans and won’t even buy the album!! Hard to believe. 🙂

21. sporadicblogger - March 26, 2007

Lol, the ‘X’ vs Maiden threads will always be there,lol, even on the IMOC. But its worth a once-weekly visit. Get some excellent links,lol.

22. Thushara - March 26, 2007

hey im one of the fans from sri lanka…just happened to stumble onto ur blog…very nice reveiw…hehe thanx for thinkin we’re the most dedicated fans…we loved bangalore btw…ROCK ON \m/

23. sporadicblogger - March 26, 2007

Hehe, thanks for visiting 🙂 Read your pre-maiden post too 😀
Do a review?
You guys were awesome 🙂 most people I’ve spoken to seem to have seen you guys..not surprising, seeing as you were there so early 😀 See you all 2008- when Maiden rips india again 😀

24. Thushara - March 27, 2007

oh we will without a doubt be there

25. yaamyn - June 6, 2007

I do hope Maiden comes to Bangalore and not Mumbai… esp. after the great reception we gave them! Let Mumbai stay content with Shakira acts.. :p

I’m from Maldives.. and can’t thank the lord enough for getting Maiden to come to this part of the world.
I agree with all of u.. the FTN dude was a couple of inches too big for his hat. Parikrama was awesome!
I hope more such acts come to Bangalore in the short span that I”m gonna be here…
The Aerosmith concert apparently sucked though.

P.S. Very well written article indeed. Refreshing.

26. sporadicblogger - June 20, 2007

yaamyn- thanks for dropping by : ) And thank you for liking the post,hehe 🙂

27. Sreejith - August 10, 2007

aaha! 30th row eh. i was somewhere around 15-16th… before i gave up and sat down at the end. yes.. i was actually sitting down at the Maiden concert!! the passive weed smoking really got to me i think.

28. sporadicblogger - August 10, 2007

Sat down?? Why??:) You missed something amazing!
Actually the crush was probably too great near the 15th row…

29. Varun - September 10, 2007

Hey.. thats an awesome review.. I just got to know that Iron Maiden has announced its “Somewhere Back in Time World Tour 2008” and INDIA is definitely on their list! yaya!!!!

About the moshing.. Yup you are right, the right from the 4th to 20th row, the moshing was pretty bad. I got stampeded twice 😦

Anyways.. for Maiden.. it was worth it 🙂


30. sporadicblogger - September 10, 2007

Varun- Thanks for commenting 🙂 Yeah, saw it on their site a few days back, and I’m going this time for sure as well…who knows? We might get more than one date…:D

31. Krishna - February 8, 2009

I think you meant Sam Dunn in your comment. The documentary was called Global Metal.

Nice review. I missed them in 2007, won’t this time. Maybe I’ll see you there.

I googled ‘Iron Maiden setlist’ and yours was the first blog that popped up.

32. sporadicblogger - February 8, 2009

Yes I do. I have no idea why I wrote Steve Dunn 🙂

I hope you catch them. I will in all probablity not be there this time 😦

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