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March 19, 2007

Posted by K in Diary, Maiden.

   OHHHH! That was EFFING BRILLAINT :D:D:D Sorry about the expletive, but the english language is limiting me muchly right now. The best 2 days of my life, saw the band of my dreams perform, met great people, and kept meeting amazing people right till the time our flight was announced! Saw Maiden’s filming crew-they were sitting right behind us in the airport and they FILMED A DVD 😀 Met an amazing bunch of sri lankan fans, and really, their dedication to maiden is something else!! I met confused and baffled(aka Nishant Jain 😀 ), as well as HOM(aka Dheeraj :D) from the mfu board, and really everything was perfect! I even lost one of my banana earrings during the gig 😀

As soon as I’m back home, I’m putting up a longer post about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED 😀 Ohhhhh, I’m floating, still floating…I couldn;t have asked for a better show!

edit: Ought to be edited. It was not Maiden’s filming crew, but Sam Dunne and company. And they filmed a documentary. Tongue of the slip.



1. pr3rna - March 19, 2007

I am happy for you. At least there is some thing to be happy about on this very sad day when cricket lost one of it’s best coaches. Best of luck to all cricket fans for the match against’ Bermuda’ today. Too many upsets happening in this World Cup.

2. sporadicblogger - March 19, 2007

I know, I found out only after coming home that Bob Woolmer passes away. I am shocked!

3. sporadicblogger - March 19, 2007


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