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March 4, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Diary, Maiden.

I just came back from my little cousin’s fifth birthday party. It was at one of those eating places, and had a nice little puppet show- or so I thought, until I paid closer attention. From what I could make out, filtering the dialogue from lusty kiddie yells, it involved a growling lion eating up the sideshow-that included a little puppy, a green stuff toy, and mickey and minney. Quite distressing, I thought, but apparently me and my brother were the only ones getting distressed. The under 7s, which also included my other cousin, were busy bopping ‘Lion King’ on the head with orange balloons. Hm. Seems to prove my theory that kids are more hardy than thought. Must be all that Tom and Jerry they watch.

In other matters, don’t party organisers know that children like childrens music? Their musical pick included several LOUD filmy songs, which didn’t evoke a particularly enthusiastic reaction from the little audience. I mean, how hard is it to obtain age appropriate music? As it is too many kids these days dress like adults, although thank god this lot didn’t look like the bunch of spoilt rich kids from my ex-ex-school.

Women’s day is approaching. And Aishwarya tells me VH1 is celebrating with a special episode on ‘Ultimate Hotties’. Woohoo. Give it up for the new leaders of the Womens Lib movement.

Tomorrow I go for my ticket to Planet M. I feel secure- I have my email from ticketpro. Unlike some people, haha :p I’m finally getting excited- its sunk in. I AM going to see Maiden 😀 I’m practicing for the occassion by practicing metal fingers in the bathroom mirror. Tomorrow I start ingesting the Early Days Dvd.

And now I go.



1. R-E-D - March 4, 2007

ex-ex-school meaning your 1st one or 2nd one? You’d better not mean your 1st one. lol

I remember when you were a kid you liked the “Cotton Eye Joe” song a lot. You did, right?

2. pr3rna - March 5, 2007

Sure, you need to pick up the right songs according to the age group.It is fun seeing a 4 year old dancing on “beedi jalaile” but I surely wont reccomend it. This is the only age when they can enjoy fairy tales and nursery rhymes. All your life you have to hear not so innocent stuff so better be exposed to innocent stuff as long as possible.

3. sporadicblogger - March 5, 2007

R-E-D, my second one 🙂 actually, technically NOT my 2nd one, because I was never a part of junior school. But saw enough of them and their parents to last me a lifetime. I don’t like fashionista mums,babies and dads. Puts me off,lol.

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