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March 3, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Diary, Maiden.

Its 2:10 at night. What the hell am I doing awake? I can barely keep my eyes open; last night I didn’t sleep much. Had to study for an assignment, so I put the alarm for 3:45 AM. I did NOT wake up, and did not have the sense to realise that if I haven’t kept an early morning date in over a year, I would probably not start on 2/03/07. Like I fool I kept hitting snooze. So what happened was that basically I kept waking every 10 minutes to hit snooze until 6:00. Thats many many 10 minutes! Gave a horrible assignment in any case, and don’t particularly care.

Everytime I decide ok, enough, go to bed, a nice song comes on. Its a 3 hour segment. Hats off to Bruce; he handles altogether too many  activities in his life. True blue Leo that he is 😀

Some horrible song is playing right now, Napalm Death the band. Ugh. I shall drink water till a better one comes on.

The 17th approaches. Great, except it also means that April approaches. And everybody knows what that means. A month of obsessive sleeping and excessive hairfall. Oh yeah, and exams too. Actually the sleep and hair are directly related to that. I’ve noticed the changes I go through when I’m tense- my face feels hot, and my scalp feels like a pressure cooker with a faulty knob. Oh well. We shall see when it approaches. Till then I shall pretend that I don’t actually have to read Paradise Lost because I neglected doing that for the mid-sems. I shall also pretend that I don’t need to read Antony and Cleopatra and The Rape of the Lock. I shall allow my great imagination to kid me that exams are Far Away.

Patooe, there went the connection, and there wen’t my hopes of the show redeeming itself after that horrible horrible song.

Looks like the decision was made for me. I’m off. And its now 2:30AM.



1. pr3rna - March 3, 2007

Hi Sporadic,
This alarm thing has been going on for generations.The difference is we did not have the snooze button so we used our mother’s services for that .I remember my mother doing for me what technology does for you.
Best of luck for your exams.

2. sporadicblogger - March 3, 2007

Hehheh, thats true. On school mornings and now college days I use a strange combination of both. I set the alarm for a ridiculously early hour, and by the time my mother comes by at the normal time, she has to wake me, because it is just too easy to hit a button 🙂
Thank you very much, I shall need it!

3. Sharique - March 3, 2007

Snooze is the technology i owe a lot to 🙂
Best of luck for your exams.

4. sporadicblogger - March 3, 2007

Thank you 🙂

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