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I remain sporadicblogger February 27, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Nature.

 It’s spring! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed spring in delhi before. I imagined it to be like in the movies. Bare naked trees suddenly spouting colour. Which, ofcourse, is not something you get to see in Delhi’s climate, and hence I’ve missed my first sight of spring for years. Yesterday, however, it suddenly struck me that the big red/orange flowers that I kept seeing every now and then, on tall, white-trunked trees, were a  testimony to the fact that spring does hit Delhi 🙂 They look beautiful, so many  of them dotting the branches, and the trees are tall enough for them to be framed by the sky, which has kept amazing colour for the past few days. These trees even manage to make ugly buildings look presentable, so powerful is their effect 🙂 I seem to remember these flowers from my childhood. I think we had one of these trees in our colony. And if I remember correctly, they don’t smell too nice, and to a kid of eight, smell is boss. I used to turn up my nose at anything that didn’t have atleast a faint fragrance,:). Wisdom comes with age,lol 😉  wish I could stand with a camera, in the middle of the road, capturing these trees in bloom. However, my cranky cam, traffic, and distance to the nearest tree ensure that this will remain a dream, atleast for a while 🙂



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