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February 14, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings.

Don’t you sometimes feel like digging a hole in the ground and disappearing forever?



1. pr3rna - February 14, 2007

I feel like going to the Himalayas and living there for ever.

2. diana - February 14, 2007

I don’t. So, you girls wanna talk? lol

3. sporadicblogger - February 14, 2007

Lol. how was bombay?

4. Nishant Jain - February 15, 2007

forever? what would you do for fun? and subways!?! oh god oh god, im hyperventilating!

5. sporadicblogger - February 15, 2007

lol, nah. Forever it feels then, but then it passes. So forever is actually not forever. And I’m rambling,lol.

6. Nishant Jain - February 15, 2007

phew…better better. perhaps a brief stint in a hole in the ground, dug by one’s own effort, wouldn’t be all that bad. we could take couches and my laptop, wired by optical fibres or something. we can make a camp out of it! what say?

7. sporadicblogger - February 15, 2007

lol is what I say 😀

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