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January 31, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings.

Life sometimes catches you by your nose and you have to stop and laugh. Every little thing around you suddenly shows the colour it’s coated it; and its the colour of humour. Life is funny. When you stop and smell the roses, there’s always the chance that a bee will emerge and sting you on the outward manifestation of your olfactory senses. And that would be extremely funny.

No wonder I never need drugs. I can turn on the High(sigh *blissful grin*) and ramble at will.

I do apologise for this post 🙂



1. Nishant Jain - February 1, 2007

oh its okay. lets skip the formalities. why apologize and all? lol…

no wonder i never need drugs – aah, sometimes i feel the same way. blissful and completely at peace. smell the roses, watch the skies, and shut off all outside sound with my ipod.

but there aint nothing funny about the bees. it happened to me once. i wasnt bending over to smell the roses or anything, just minding my own business kicking stones at a couple of bushes by the road, when a bee jumped out at me, taking the law into its own hands. personal property infringement. i had to run quite a bit to escape prosecution. though it did manage to give me a bit of a sting behind my ear. it didnt hurt much, or swell. i think i killed it. it wasnt funny business.

2. sporadicblogger - February 1, 2007

heh, heh, I’m sure a bee-sting is extremely unfunny to whoever it happens. The rose situation struck me as extremely funny yesterday, though, in my high-ness. *looks here and there* 😀

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