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To the Unknown Lady Who Bought Juice January 24, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Poem.

A Rumble

From the other side

A veiled face,

Truly the emblem of grace

Couched in ugly roars


A drive down my side

Rear view cocked; I ride

The fence down the middle

Resplendent in yellow

But where the sun kisses life

It hides,


That rise

Till risen eyes


At the skies;

So why, padre

Did you


To tell (who)

All these


Why create

A jail that needs to be daily

Bolstered, re-erected, re-made?

But it’s all a lie, you know and I

As that unwitting grin pops

Unbidden, leading thoughts to-


The unknown lady who bought juice

Where I packed chaat

And could have disliked

my symbolic gesture

But instead,

She smiled.



1. glandheim - January 28, 2007

Glad to see you are writing poetry again. I like the wordplay in this one, and the kind of rambling way it carries me along.

2. sporadicblogger - January 28, 2007

Yes, it rambles, doesn’t it? I tend to do that a lot.
Thanks for commenting on your break:)

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