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An Ode to a Cellphone.. January 15, 2007

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The computer took ill, hence the absence of a post which ought to have taken birth on Saturday; the momentous day when I bid farewell to my faithful old 1100. It was a good phone.May it evenually R.I.P.Sob. Its beautiful form, its in-built flashlight, its remarkable strength of form (its unblemished mukhchandra despite its many unfortunate encounters with gravity bear testimony to above point) will be sorely missed. What a pity Nokia decided to discontinue it, because I would have bought the same model again. But fools will be fools, and they periodically change all models, no matter how brilliant the design might have been. So, Saturday, I forayed into an alien world to re-procure for myself an instrument of constant connectivity. Or enslavement, whichever you prefer. My budget was modest-I wasn’t willing to spend more than 5000 on one; and I’m loyal to Nokia, mostly because it can survive a million achhars (meaning bad, bad fall in Bengali) and I am the quintessential Butter Fingers. All the phones in that range were remarkably ugly, so I decided to go for the cheapest ugly phone;1112. In hindsight, it’s backside is quite aesthetically appealing, but it’s front could do with an encounter of the orange-shell kind. And so begins the process of bonding-man and machine, and the tension between.

   I do apologise for that corny post; I do rather get emotionally attached to objects that stay in my possession for that long.

  In other matters, the recently(in a manner of speaking) introduced comic strip in HT City by Rajneesh (Kapoor, I think) is horrendous. Lacks humour, artistic skill and did I mention,humour.

   I know I had better things to say today, but I guess I’ve forgotten. Winter can do that to me.

Freeze well.



1. pallavi - January 15, 2007

for everyone else ..the new phone is faaaaar from ugly ..i infact QUITE like it 🙂

2. Nishant - January 15, 2007

even i get really attached to things i hold onto for a long time. i remember when i broke (yeah, actually broke) my badminton racquet a few months back. i had had a long run, and an old scar on its stem had finally proved to be the bane, and it snapped in the middle. i’d had it for like 1 and a half years, and dont know how long i just looked at its cracked self, disbelievingly. my invincible excalibur! anyway, the point. i couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. i kept it till i came back home from college, which was 3 months later, and handed it solemnly to my father, whose it had been originally (a family heirloom, no less!).

im loyal to nokia too, by the way. just so i end with the subject.

3. sporadicblogger - January 15, 2007

@ pallavi, haha,thanks 🙂

@Nishant-thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 Your attachment to your racquet is quite understandable. My sympathies 🙂 losing a beloved possession really hurts 😦
My favourite oldest possession is a pencil box(it has lion king on its face 🙂 ) which I got as a return gift when I was 9 or 10. I still use it, and it’s got memories attached to it. It marks my transition from the cricket-craze phase to the iron maiden phase with other landmarks thrown in,heh.
Yay! Nokia rules! (to end on the topic too, 😉 )

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