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January 12, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Nonsense.

I feel like Phantom today. You know, the Diamond comics one. Atleast I think its diamond comics! They used to show Phantom on DD Metro in the children’s hour every evening, only it was not the Phantom of the comics. This was an urban-dwelling Phantom who was skinny and drove a swanky car. I didn’t like it much; it gave me a dark and gloomy feeling, but I never missed it because I was reliant on DD for entertainment. We got cable late, you see 🙂 And now we are back to an almost cable-less existence. We haven’t decided on what option to switch to, and three of us are secretly glad that that tv is almost out of our lives. My brother is the only one who pines for his daily dose,lol. I thought I would miss television, but I find that if its not there, I forget about it. So much for addiction.

   But, I deviate. I was talking about Phantom and why I feel like him today. No deep psychological reason; just a biggish ring on my finger which suddenly felt like the skull one he wore and left cool prints with. The ring is a watch as well, and shaped like a blue beetle or kettle, can’t figure out exactly, and has 2 siblings. I must dig out the two copies of Phantom, one of which is in bengali, that I possess: I’m suddenly feeling like reading about Denkali and Phantom, with his cool uniform and even cooler eye shades 🙂 



1. pallavi - January 14, 2007

hahah 🙂 wat chaddi colour is phantom btw ? purple ? oh and also how does this tag bussiness work …

2. sporadicblogger - January 15, 2007

Wears a blue one with black stripes 🙂
I tag you, you write on tag topic. If you want to tag, link to person you want to tag, on your post.

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