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Opium Haze January 10, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Poem.

Underneath the open sky

Studded black with stars up high

Stretched out in an open field

Two fingers approach my lips;

A contemplative look.

Sleep leaden eyes

Urge the first long drag:

I’m smoking pot.

Because I’m a student

And this is what students do.

A slow exhale

As rings fly

And tendrils creep

Assailing my nose

With the woody smell

Of Education.

“It’s a student thing.

It’s what students do”

Lying in an open field

I smoke pot.

It’s a dream,

A curious



An image

That covets me

“Rise, like me,

Come fly,

It’s the food of youthful polity”


And remains

Coveting me.

It’s always

A different reality.



1. glandheim - January 11, 2007

I like it. I like the nature aspect. Smoking pot in an open field is definitely a more contemplative and pleasant experience than in a car trapped in city traffic.

The poem is languid and smooth. The prose fits the image.

I’ve always wished i could actually experience opium, the way it was smoked by folk like Coleridge and Wilde. The closest I ever came to that dream state was in about my 4th date of recovery from a nearly-burst appendix. The doctor gave me something that gave me about 8 hours of what resembled the opium dreams of which I’ve read descriptions. Not only wouldn’t the doctor tell me what it was, he wouldn’t give me any more when I asked for a bag of it:)

2. sporadicblogger - January 12, 2007

lol, yes, medical experiences can be like that. My mum’s told us of the wonderfully dreamy state that comes just after being given anaesthesia and just before the lights go out 🙂
I’ve never experienced opium either, and am not sure if I ever want to. I can give myself a high, Maiden can give me a high, so I’ve never felt the need to take in something artificial.
I wrote this sometime after a friend of mine came back from a college fest and spoke of how nearly everybody there was smoking something or the other. It reminded me of how students in a famous university for ‘intellectuals’ here also have a reputation of doing drugs; somehow many people connect education (higher) with drugs and rebelling. Infact many ‘intellectuals’ I’ve come across have done/still do drugs/smoke+are atheists. The connection is almost funny sometimes and what I was trying to do with this poem was express this tension between the pursuit of ‘intellectual’ activity and pot; how the picture of me smoking pot strikes me as pretty, but doesn’t grab me. I’ve never wanted to do that, and that would make me, in some people’s eyes, not complete, but their reality is not mine.

3. pallavi - January 14, 2007

wow man this is cool i want to write something like this …brrowings shall be acknowledged;) …no but seriously i love the imagery its really spooky and soothing at the same time …it almost make me wanna dope ! hahaha

4. pallavi - January 14, 2007

*s (arrrghhh)

5. pallavi - January 14, 2007

oyeeeeeee a sister post has been put up ..why dun you go check it out 🙂

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