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I’m Back January 5, 2007

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From Kolkata. Well, physically, anyway. I love Kolkata and my love warrants a post, an exclusive on the merits of the City of Joy :), which will be put up in time. I’ve been back a week, almost, and this is the first time I’m siting down before the comp. Another case of comp allergy aaah save me doctor.

I feel exceptionally full at the moment and don’t know what to do with the excess. I’m full of satisfaction, full of sporadic discontent, full of creative energy and full of depression since I learnt 8th Jan is this monday and not aeons away. I have a million things to do-catch up with Diana, call Anirudh and Salil, clean my room, remove my exam left overs from my bed and table, wash my hair, go to the library, get started on 2 projects, think about another 2, start thinking about the paper on Bollywood and Heavy Metal, organise my music, listen to maiden. On the other hand, I have re joined keyboard classes, decided to re take cricket coaching, re found my love of cricket, re-membered my cricket past, taken out my (brother’s rejected 🙂 )art books and got painting again, re found enthusiasm for things I’d lost them for, and decided that I won’t work this summer. I’ve decided I’ll not let the OBC college issue drop, I’ve decided I’ll be at peace with teachers who caused me extreme disgust some time previously. I’ve decided I will give dramsoc a try next session. And no, none of this has anything to do with New Year or the whole Resolution charade. I don’t do resolutions and especially not on new year. I decide, and that too only occassionally, on a new year.

My blog has existed about a year now. Its remarkable. That I’ve trusted the net this long, that I’ve grown to be comfortable in this little corner of cyberspace. More than anything, its funny how I inadvertantly hit upon an apt title for my blog. It is sporadic, by way of content and frequency, and it is a purposeless world. This isn’t my online diary, I don’t particularly come here to get an audience, neither do I come to gather friends. I’ve been commenting on a fair few, by my standards, blogs and suddenly find myself embroiled in a race to keep up. No, its not a race, but at the same time it is. Like in real life, I need to be all alone for a while because my ears are aching. I will read the blogs that I like to read, as before, but will not click on the conversations I guess.Not for a while.

Because it is nearly 1 oclock and because I have lost the thread of my thoughts I will now switch off the new idiot box and go find something else to do.



1. diana - January 5, 2007

what can i say, but that i love you?

i remember sometime last year my sis and i went through your blog together, must have been march, and we were like wow didnt know this girl writes like that. mum has been particularly impressed with u. u know how they say, ghar ki murgi dal barabar. lol

just kidding. i really do love your blog. it is so you. and you are different.

maggi tomato ketchup, XYZ the one and only!

: – (
(just an old signature… im as happy right now as i am at any other time of day, maybe more, i just heard a 42 min long encouragement from my favourite preacher in the world, its 1 am, im going to bed, i get mock exam marks tomorrow, find out which retests i get to sit for, feel happy, sing psalms, yeehah!)

2. diana - January 5, 2007

ok i cant resist i am so rude i must add another comment,
how many 85 year old serial killer women have u met in this year past? lol. i met… *counts* 1. just kidding.

3. glandheim - January 5, 2007

I’ve never been sure how to take your Blog title. Personally, I like living in a purposeless world. If I want it to have purpose, that’s my option. If not, that’s my option too. How can someone else define whether my life has purpose. It’s my life.


4. pallavi - January 6, 2007

hahaha cool as always 🙂

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