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51, not out…In Your Face, ha ha :) December 16, 2006

Posted by K in People I honour.

Guess who’s back!! : )

In other matters, Pollock is losing hair! He is bald up there! Needs one wicket to touch 400. Yay Polly 🙂



1. diana - December 16, 2006

SOURAV!! lol. I can’t believe it. Just yesterday I was telling somebody about how you loved Sourav.

2. sporadicblogger - December 16, 2006

lol, i really admire the man’s guts. He is bigger than his ego. I would find it tough to come back and play in a team after the dirtyness that he faced, and I also dont know how I would react to losing my captaincy. Hm. My adulation increases day by day :p

3. diana - December 17, 2006

I like Polly.

4. pallavi - December 17, 2006

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chapell can shove something up something now …wanted to use more sophisticated symbolism but this damned para literature takes from me high style of expression 🙂 hahahahaha

5. pr3rna - December 18, 2006

Hey! finally back in form.Ganguly, Laxman both proved themselves but that dance by Shreesanth actually cheered us all up.Congrats all cricket lovers of India and shame all those who lost hope.

6. sporadicblogger - December 18, 2006

Hee hee, yes, Sreesanth was brilliant 🙂 It was great to see the spirit on the field, the Nel-Sreesanth verbal exchanges beat them all 🙂 It was great to see India win, and more than that it was great to see the spirit on the field, on both sides. Cricket is cricket again 🙂

7. diana - December 18, 2006

“it’s so hard to resiiiist and it’s all coming baaack to me noooow…”


8. pr3rna - December 20, 2006

Shane warne ready to retire after 699.Don’t you think cricket would be less colourful without him ,scandals all the time.Now that Greg is also praising Ganguly he would back for the one dayers as well. Do you think Sachin will be back in form? We missed Kumble too It is a pleasure to see him bowl.

9. Aishwarya - December 23, 2006

I, personally, think the hardest part for Saurav must have been coming back after that awful “ooh ahh India” Pepsi ad. Talk about humiliation.

I’m glad he’s back though. In form, the man is a joy to watch.

10. sporadicblogger - January 5, 2007

Yes, cricket without warne will be strange. That’ll be another chunk gone from the good ol’ days.
I dn’t know what to make of chappell. I just can’t bring myself to trust him, not from what I know from his player days, and his recent actions as well. I trust vengsarkars judgement though, so it seems th team will stabilise a bit from now on.
Sachin is a marvellous player; pity he’s not a left hander 🙂 He’s back in form, although what Harsha Bhogle said is true- its not fair to expect ‘back in form’ to signify the tendulkar of the 90s. I firmly believe those days are over, just as Ganguly of the fluid lazy elegance of the late 90s and early 2000s is gone.

Aishwarya- which ad was that? I forget…

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