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Speed December 2, 2006

Posted by K in Life, Nonsense, Poem.

This is not so old. Class 12, I think.

Life is a journey

And you’re a car

Running at ninety miles

An hour

You see the need

To brake ahead

You see a roundabout

You need to negotiate

There’s always

Someone stopping you

There are breakdowns

All around you

You see them, cars,

Whizzing by

And wonder why you can’t have

Just one smooth ride

You ache, and yearn to

Rev it up, and let loose

Speed over bumps, and cracks and walls

And not stop for anything at all


There’s less to think

No time to feel

When you fly down the road

At that awesome speed.



1. glandheim - December 3, 2006

I can really identify with this. Different cultural background, but it reminds me of being on a long straight stretch of two-lane blacktop, out in the middle of nowhere, ready to take off and see how fast this car will really go.

And some rancher is letting his cattle wander around on the highway because it’s the open range, and they have the right-of-way.

Anticipation — frustration — exhilaration — aaah!

2. pallavi - December 5, 2006

loveee it really too cool and captures wat i feel ‘wonder why i cant have just one smooth ride ‘ hahahhahahaha

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