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And more… December 2, 2006

Posted by K in Extreme Nostalgia, From The Attic, Life, Poem.

My Ring

This was my second poem of sorts..written in class 6, so that would make me…10/11. I remember a little maroon diary that I had appropriated and put in scary drawings to keep people off my property :). I used that diary for the first time when I needed rough paper for a rough draft of a project in history, but ended up making it my own, in all senses of the word. The first poem in that diary, and in my life (in a matter of speaking) was called My Shadow (and no, it was not a misnomer 🙂 ), and I remember being so surprised that it rhymed regularly enough, and had some sort of a rhythm. I was so kicked that I proceeded to write this second poem the very same day :). When this ended, I was on a high. I liked what I wrote, I surprised myself, and that unleashed my ‘poetry wave’,lol. I think I must have got in 20-30 poems in 2 years. I remember i particularly favoured long, ‘epical’ poems, :D:D, and I still have pages and pages of eulogising a bud(flower bud), a spirit, among other things 🙂

I’m not going to apologise for unleashing this one.. 🙂 ; I’m still very fond of it 🙂


On every market day,

When men and women so gay

Sell their wares

And attend fairs

I hold up a little ring

And start to sing

“Come and get it!

Come and get it!

This ring

Is fit for a king,”

I continue to sing.

“Look at this pearl,

Fit for an Earl

Do not miss this chance

And have a glance

At this pearl

Fit for an Earl”.

The day whizzes by,

And darkness lights the sky.

I give a sigh,

My hopes are still high

Someday,someone will by my ring

Till then, I will continue to sing,

On every market day,

When men and women so gay,

Sell their wares

And attend fairs…



1. diana - December 2, 2006

That was the year before we fell in love na. LOL. Nice poem. Very 6th standardish. I guess the theme of getting rejected everyday but still being hopeful came from being in Mrs. M’s class for half a year and then switching school? hehehe.

2. glandheim - December 3, 2006

No apology necessary. It’s adorable. I can picture this cute little pre-adolescent girl, very precocious. I find it hard to believe she doesn’t sell the ring — she’s irresistable. I think she was teasing, and the ring was not for sale.

3. sporadicblogger - December 4, 2006

Diana-haha, no, believe me, Mrs M was FAR away from my mind when I wrote this 😉 I was well into the TSRS phase by then 🙂

glandheim-yeah, actually, it wasn’t a sad poem. I think I actually did not want to sell the ring, but the pathos of a situation where a woman/girl really wanted/ needed to sell the ring was irresistable :). I’m a sucka for pathos 🙂

4. pallavi - December 5, 2006

choo chweeeeeet

5. pallavi - December 5, 2006

as you can see i am extremely unmotivated ! third comment in a single day hehehehhehe

6. enit - March 19, 2007

oooh!! I love it.. How cute (for lack of a better word) lol

7. sporadicblogger - March 19, 2007

heh heh, thanks 😀

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