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Another trip to the attic: War(specifically, the american invasion of iraq) October 5, 2006

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I hear the tinkling of faraway bells,

I hear voices in prison cells

I hear the sounds of guns and bombs,

And I remember again.


One useless day I decided to become

A soldier tall and proud;

Answering the call of my country

Every time a war broke out.


I don’t know why I joined the ranks

Or perhaps I know it well.

What beckoned me?

The uniform? The supposed glory?


Through endless days and endless nights

We’d await a kill ;

The smoke filled skies, the hazy horizon

Flash past before me still.


I’m a veteran of a thousand wars

Now I look back at them all;

Time has stood still: I’ve aged not;

I can recall each one still.


Oh I’ve seen men and women

Fighting side by side.

Who the braver, I cannot say,

They have both died.


I’ve seen boys, yet to grow a beard,

Using bayonets in trench warfare,

I’ve seen men turn around and vomit;

And it from others hide.


I have seen the tremble of the finger

Before the trigger was pulled;

Many a bitten lip

That preceded the dropping of bombs.


I have seen my comrades fall,

I have seen fear in civilians’ eyes;

I have seen a plethora of emotions

Course through their lives.


Oft I wonder, how many did I wound?

I wonder who all I killed…

How many wives curse me?

How many nightmares did I begin?


I have seen the pain,

Felt the futility,

Of a thousand useless wars.

I close my eyes and sigh:

Now I go to war again.



1. diana - October 8, 2006

That was beautiful.

2. sporadicblogger - October 8, 2006

Thanks 🙂

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