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Choices October 3, 2006

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The older we grow the more we make.And the more binding they become. Nothing demonstrates this more than college life. Infact, the initiation to Adulthood (defined not by the ’18’ barrier, but by the binding choices that one suddenly has to make) happens only in college. In school, one could get away with anything…annual day practice? Teacher’s headache to cover up. Want to dance and sing and play and more? No problem, school will take care of everything. Not so in college. There are a million things one can and dies to do in college- but the choice has to be made. Academics or extra-curriculars? Just how much of non-academic activity is okay? Marks or education? Syllabus or learning? Soon the choices will become graver; remuneration or carefree fun? Gap year or post-grad.

I used to see adults in a totally different light when I was younger. I see now that was wrong. While I didn’t subscribe to the usual kiddie theory of adult=fun,I did think adult=control over ones life. What I didn’t see is the many choices that go into creating and exercising that control. It is so easy for an adult’s life to spiral out of control…

I’m not sure I dislike having to make all these choices, but I am becoming increasingly aware of what I’m missing out on while exercising my choice.



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