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Mmmm…The smell of a library… September 29, 2006

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I entered a t.r.u.e library after ages. A t.r.u.e library has to have old, crumbly books alongwith new. Therefore, the BCL doesn’t fall into the hallowed category of t.r.u.e libraries. And my t.r.u.e library happens to be my college library which I was forced to ignore until now for lack of Pink Library Card. Which is lost. Gone. And was un-replaceable till today. Replacement over, and Admin ehm-up meant lots of time on hand, so into the library I went. And stayed. I saw the library with new eyes today. It deserves respect. It has a respectable collection. I was spoilt for choice, and ended up with five books (after much deliberation and longs walks to distant shelves to replace previously favoured books) of which I picked three. Three that just happened to be the fattest of the lot, and consequently the heaviest. My bag was full. I depend upon public transporation( translate: buses). Enough said.

The spirituality and religion section had cobwebs coating it. An example of its readership? I hope not. There are some good books there. I have been recommended Conversations With God. Which I found on the cobwebbed shelves but couldn’t borrow because I have but three pink cards.

Enough of stilted writing. Ugh. Must write when brain works.



1. Aishwarya - September 29, 2006

I lost ALL CARDS at the end of first year. Finally got them renewed at the beginning of third. You’re right. The college library is a most excellent place and it’s good to be back in it.

2. pallavi - September 30, 2006

yummm it sounds ..and therefore an excursion will be made soon 🙂

3. sporadicblogger - September 30, 2006

Aishwarya-All cards? 🙂 how did you manage your second year without the EDL?

Pallavi-yup, it was better than first year 🙂 Lots of new books as well.

4. Aishwarya - September 30, 2006

BCL, other people’s cards (much begging was involved) and luck. 😉

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