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August 26, 2006

Posted by K in Gender, Reviews/Rants.

I was yearning for a french beard last night. You know, one of those little triangles in the hollow of my chin, between the lower lip and the lower extremity of my face.

My gender being such as it is, and due to a lack of enthusiasm on my part of partaking of artificially administered androgens, I thought hm. Lets get a chin piercing. A split second later I remembered that chin piercings are unavoidably preceded by the piercing of tender flesh by hopefully sterile needle. Hm. There went my enthusiasm for a stud on my chin(no, not THAT stud). But it got me thinking. Chin studs seemed so much like a substitue for a a french beard, that my mind went from one to the other in a matter of seconds. (And from stud to needle in a matter of some more seconds. And from needle to P.A.I.N in a matter of extremely split seconds). So I formed my theory. Chin stud flaunters want to sport french beards. Now all that remains is for me to test it out. On the streets. Catch hold of a chin-studder and pose the question. Must remember to make sure to not, in a bid to make interesting interrogation, ask if their studly aspirations were not inspired by manly aspirations. People dont take too kindly to questions like that, for some reason. Hm.

People dont take too kindly to questions like that, for some reason.

To truncate the above post and summarise: French beards, triangulated, are desirable. I am the desiree. In the absense of certain hormones, and a general distrust of needles(to simulate a frenchie) I think I shall resort to cardboard. A hairy bit of cardboard. Cut out in a triangle.
Sigh. Why couldn’t women have had a patch of hair on the chin?



1. diana - August 27, 2006

thats disgusting. lol

2. sporadicblogger - August 27, 2006

no. its fun. just think about it. an amir khan triangle of DCH on your chin.:)

3. diana - August 28, 2006

on Amir Khan, ok.
YUCK on u. lol

4. diana - February 14, 2007

reading through some of your old stuff today… i guess i cant understand wanting to dig a hole and disappear forever same as i cant understand wanting a hairy chin. LOL.

ok, i do understand the feeling of wanting to live in a hole, even though i dont feel it much myself. whats up?

5. sporadicblogger - February 14, 2007

Oh, ntn much. Wait, will mail you.

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