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August 2, 2006

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

bleddy how do you post a pic???



1. diana - August 5, 2006

u click on the image button in ur editor. i think u first have to upload your picture to ur website, and then link to the picture using the picture button. im not sure. try it. il test on my blog and add another comment for you soon.

2. diana - August 7, 2006
3. sporadicblogger - August 8, 2006

yeah, its easy to link, but theres no way to upload from your computer.

4. diana - August 9, 2006

arre silly why do u wanna upload from ur computer to wordpress
just upload to another website (eg. yahoo briefcase)
and link it to there

UPLOAD it to another website
and link it from there!


call me if u want my yahoo briefcase id & password lol ur so lazy na i know u wont bother making one for urself (there are other websites also but i cant be bothered looking for them right now)

5. diana - August 9, 2006

hey i figured it out. yahoo briefcase gives u temporary thingy which probably changes everyday. use geocities instead 🙂 cheers


phir dekh 🙂 doggy aa gaya

6. sporadicblogger - August 10, 2006

lol,thanks 😉

7. diana - August 10, 2006

doggy dekha?

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