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Doing away with pre-conceived notions and misconceptions June 25, 2006

Posted by K in Ablility, Reviews/Rants.

I know I have absolutely NO time at the moment to waste(yes, waste) on my blog, but I just had to write this.

Hearing impaired children are NOT automatically speech impaired. You do not speak of it in the same breath- hearing and speech impaired. A hearing impaired child can speak.

Hearing impaired children do not need to know sign-language; nor is it advisable to teach it to them. A child who learns sign language at the onset of training(after detection) will never bother to learn to speak- actions might just be a whole lot easier.

Sign language is NOT the only way hearing impaired kids communicate. They S.P.E.A.K

Hearing impairment is not equivalent to being deaf. A hearing impaired kid is not deaf. (And PLEASE don’t use the age old favourite ‘Deaf and Dumb’ to describle hearing impaired kids and adults and middle aged souls. Most are neither).

‘Deaf’ is when someone has complete hearing loss. For further information kindly consult audiologist.

I would love to write more, but I truly cannot afford the time right now. So kindly read and heed.



1. pallavi - June 26, 2006

well…i really am surprised that people would be daft enuf to think the hearing impaired are also utomatically speech impaired but then again stupid prejiduces and misconceptions are every where iam glad you took time to try and bust some of them

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