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What you learn as a child May 24, 2006

Posted by K in Ablility, Life.

Remains with you through life. Child psychologists tell parents that, and I never realised how uncannily true that is sometimes.
I remember as a kid, a friend of mine told me that white pigeons are doves(lol, emiko). And since then, I’ve always thought doves were just the whiter pigeons 😀 Its only recently that I found out that doves are in fact another breed altogether.
And the strangest thing was, my mother knew that and I never asked her. It never occured to me to clarify my ‘knowledge’ lol. This made me think; what if instead of being told white pigeons are doves, I had been told black is bad, women are weaker, and our race is superior? It could have rested, similarly, at the back of my head, warranting no questioning. My parents and other better educated people wouldn’t have been able to set me straight because they wouldn’t have known that I had been fed vicious untruths.
Are some bigots born like this? Did Hitler’s parents have any idea what thoughts their son harboured about aryans and jews?
Ofcourse, a lot of the times bigots receive home training; free of charge. These, I would imagine, would be examples of gender and religious indoctrination. But I don’t know.
Its a scary, yet at the same time, exhilerating thought. Imagine what power lies in childhood teachings. Teach a kid to be good, and he’ll remember. Teach a kid to think, and he’ll think.
I recomment Hallmark’s Child of our Time to whoever has the time to watch it. Sundays 8:30 PM I think.



1. saurabh - June 4, 2006

love what u write .. keep writing !

2. sporadicblogger - June 12, 2006

Thank you , thats very nice of you:)

3. jessica - July 1, 2006

shadows of our past or the stepping stones to our future …. cant really say ….. hmmmm …. koyel keep the good work going!!!!

4. sporadicblogger - July 2, 2006

oy, u back?

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