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Doctors Strike May 22, 2006

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

This is something that bothrs me. These people have takenm the oath of Hippocrates(correct me if I'm wrong). they have sworn totreat patients to the best of their ability. Do they then have the right to strike off work, letting patients suffer. When a paient needs treatment, he needs treatment. It can be a life and death issue, and in such cases, things like reservations seems,suddenly, unimportant.

   I realise that in a country like ours, politicians only react to the danda. And the only danda we Indians seem to know, is a strike. Hartal.

   I am at a loss when I try to come up with a viable alternative to doctors going on strike. They cannot leave patients to die, yet they need to have a lever as well.

  This badly worded, badly structured post  needs to be seen in isolationI promoise the next one will be better.



1. pallavi - May 22, 2006

yup i coudnt agree more with you as far as the doctors strike is concerned and the worst part is that these are government hospitals which are the only alternative for poor and sick people who can’t go to private hospitals or nursing homes ……..
and wat is ironic is that most of them are demanding quotas based on economic condition

2. sporadicblogger - May 22, 2006

dilemma if there ever was one.

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