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Pendulum April 27, 2006

Posted by K in Fiction.

A swinging pendulum. Back and forth.

Back and forth.


Four pairs of eyes followed its motion, not one eyelid batting.

“Will it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“It shouldn’t.”

“But maybe”

Some distance away, a pale shadow, indistinguishable from others, watched. On closer observation, one discerned that it was not a shadow at all. It was Omniscience.

A fifth entered.


“You! Fast!”

“Calculus!” Simultaneously, another, “Tintin!”

“Detective!” “Physics!”


Omniscience smiled, and shook its head.

“More! Fast, I say!”


“Gravity!” “Motion!” “Fluidity” “Godot!” “Life, truth, patriarchy!”

And so on.



The shadow sat back. Took a leisured look at its long, slender fingers.

“You are good children. But you have much to learn.”


Five silenced voices. Watchful eyes. A weary sigh.


“That will not do!” sharply, the shadow. “There is no place for defeatism. Go.”


Five become four. Four watchful eyes. Four stilled eyelids.

The Shadow rises. “Follow me, now.”

A clatter of feet, a creak of a door, and-outside.

“Ten minutes.” Four curt nods of acknowledgement.


Elsewhere; a religious debate. A political debate. An argument on feminism. A discourse on life. A look at prostitution. Communism.

Omniscience smirked.

“Work on, children, work on.”


Seventy years on. One pair of eyes watching a pendulum swing. Back and forth.

Eager eyes watching the watcher. Spittle hanging out of the corner of the mouth.

Eyelid unmoving, following the progress of the bob back, and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth, until suddenly-

“IT’S STOPPED!” shrieked Omniscience. “The pendulum has ceased to move!”


The one with the watching eyes looked up, unperturbed. And abandoning the pendulum, got up and walked, donning the mantle of god.




1. pallavi - April 28, 2006

well …it has an existentialist ring to it according to my understanding please do tell me if iam thinkikng on the right track and other than that what disturbs me rather has got me thinking is the use of ‘prostitution ‘ and ‘communism’ togethar ,communalism i could have understood but this connection is not quite clear to my limited understanding
engrossing post

2. sporadicblogger - April 28, 2006

Existentialist? hm. Maybe, I don’t know, seeing as I don’t know much about it. I was thinking more in terms of how things don’t change. How things repeat themselves, how every moment is a feeling of deja vu. I was thinking of the stalemate that we see in so many situations in the world. And how it is impossible to change the entire world. If you put things right in one corner of the house, you need to move to another part, and when thats done, the first part needs to be done again. And how life is like a pendulum, it keeps swinging, and the only person able to still it, control it, is god.
I put prostitution, and communism together to show the wide variety of issues. To highlight the randomness of the many things that take up our lives. So, no connection 🙂

3. sporadicblogger - April 28, 2006

Also, this post cannot be explained, because it puts down too many thoughts and feelings. not one word is here that can not be here, much sense as that makes 🙂 It would be too exhausting to completely break this down, so just intrpret it the way you want 🙂

Btw, this I wrote in the prep leave, before some exam, ha ha:D

4. pallavi - April 29, 2006

ha ha ha
yup so all that is close to absurdism and stuff like that
i bet twas before half way house 😉

5. sporadicblogger - April 29, 2006

Before Victorian, methinks 😀

6. jessica - April 30, 2006

oh man this amazing and very powerful…. but i kind of agree with pallavi (bout the influence of the existentialist tradition) … but i guess i know what u r trying to say … neways no matter which way u interpret it still remains ammmaziiinn!!!

7. sporadicblogger - May 8, 2006

you can’t get influenced by sonething you don’t know 😉
it may be existentialist, because one feels that way, coz afterall philos on life cone from the way one thinks. but if you must put a name to this, it is nore absurdist than existentialist. 😉
hi guys! whatsup! having a great time here. will show pics when get back. write later if possible i will ;D

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