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April 27, 2006

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Fiction, Friends, Life.

It was night time. The street was well lit. A girl was walking. Alone; but the street was well lit. every now and then she would turn around and check if anyone was there.

It was a long street.



It was daytime. People were moving on streets. One girl moved among them. Blind and paralysed.

“Shall I help you cross the street?” asked a kind soul.

The girl turned a sightless eye, but heard only a cacophony of noises.



It was a bright, sunny day. There were people on the beach. Everywhere you looked, you saw…friends.

“Let’s play!” said one of them.

And suddenly she slid to the centre. And the others rotated on a merry-go-round.



An ordinary day. A coffee table, a mug of coffee. A magazine, open on a centre page.

A bird flew in, hopped onto the table. Looked at the open page. A few moments of incomprehension; then with a start, it flew away.


The coffee remained undrunk; and then, a gust of wind swept in. The pages rustled, then flew about with frenzy. Suddenly, there was a thump. The magazine had fallen off the table, right side up.




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