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March 23, 2006

Posted by K in Life, Nonsense, Poem.

A sense of filth

The need to purge

A thorough cleansing

Of accumulation of thoughts

A misty blackness

Impregnable fortress

Mind of heightened dullness

Slow movements, eject!eject!

A rerealisation

A stepping into again

Drawing up

Home again


I see you!

I see you!

Lets do that again



1. pallavi - March 26, 2006

why dont you think of a name for this poem?

2. sporadicblogger - March 26, 2006

can’t :woe:
it didn’t name itself, and i dont like it much anyway:D

3. pallavi - March 26, 2006

i love it 🙂
m thinking …..
lets call it ‘treading the circle’
thats wat it is to me a journey!!!!!!!

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