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This is something i wrote when I was 13… March 17, 2006

Posted by K in Fiction, From The Attic.

In calcutta for my mum’s operation, and i was sleeping in nani’s house and suddenly i woke up and remembered this dream i was having. so i wrote it down :D:D. Corny posts are allowed…its a masssive dose of nothing afterall!


17th August, 2030

I, Dr. Zirzya Zarlow, am on the brink of bringing alive the first ‘Bird Man’, rather ‘Bird Girl’. Even now as I speak, the incubating term is about to end. Just a few more hours left.

I have had many dreams about flying, dreamt of the day when by some scientific magic man would be able to take to the air.

One night, I suddenly woke up with an idea of cloning a bird man.

Dolly was possible, so why not my pet dream?

Sure, it would be a LOT more difficult and people would think me mad. But I Could Do It.

I gave up on my other dream of being a surgeon(I still cannot stand the sight of a needle penetrating skin) and pursued my fantastic dream.

I went into genetic engineering and spent my first few years doing the normal research in a top institute in Australia.

I became very bored.

This was a lot more boring than what I’d expected it to be. I let my imagination lose and came up with lots of fascinating ideas which, according to me, were workable, even if it took years.

My fellow workers refused to work on anything for so long if it did not benefit the human race. They gave me several hints about starting to work on one such project, which I ignored.

Maybe that wasn’t nice of me, but I do not have the patience or ability to sit down and work on something like that, difficult and interesting as it maybe, simply because the ratio of imagination, real imagination, was a lot lesser than good thoughts and Science in them.

I only find imaginative work interesting.

I voiced my ideas in several World Wide Conferences(WWC) and found that though many were willing to sponsor my work, nobody was willing to work on such a far fetched idea. They all thought it to be useless.

I met one scientist from my country, Dr. Xa, who suggested to me that I work on my own, and set up a lab in some remote place. She was willing to help me part time with my research though she would be unable to help with the practical work because of her own work. Her advice was valuable, as I would hardly get any privacy in the institute, and I cannot work with people breathing down my neck.

So, with about 500 sponsors, I started my work by getting the lab built, stretching from underwater to the limits of the sky, in order to study all environmental needs for my clone. The construction took 2 years to complete, giving me ample time to study.

I now felt the butterflies in my stomach. Would I let down my sponsors and the world? Could I do it? I dismissed these thoughts the best I could, and went back to the drawing board.

I would have to make my creation in an egg. I had to give it a human face, body and legs, leave the birds wings and attach robotic arms.

I would extract the necessary genes to make it talk, feel and have human emotions. Calculating every detail, I set up in my now complete lab, and I put it to use.

I took the specially cloned egg of an eagle and inserted the human genes in them and extracted several eagle genes. That completed, I put it in the special incubator and left it there for 1 year.

That year was nearly up now.

One hour to go… 30 minutes… 15… 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

I carefully picked the egg out, and with my tools, made an opening at the top. Breaking the rest of the shell, I placed a small creature on a tiny spongy bed. I hardly dared look at my masterpiece.

After 7 years, she was here! Being a great believer in girl power, I had put female genes in it , and I now beheld a petite little birdgirl.

I immediately put her through a trainer and attached the robotic arms. She came out as an end product, able to talk, move, sleep and do everything that we can do.

I named it Zani , and ran it through a special cricket course. I am a great lover of the game though I don’t have much time to catch up on it now.

I started a conversation with my girl and was DELIGHTED when it conversed back!

17th August, 2050

My Zani is now grown up.

Her height is 5 feet nothing and in mard(man-bird) years is 18 years old.

She has a great imagination, and has ‘inherited’ my love for cricket.

I have finally got my 129 autographs with her help, as she can simply fly out to get it.

She amazed the world.

She was a human on wings!

There was a small error in her though, her bones, although designed to resemble a human’s, were hollow like a bird’s, to support her weight in air. This endangers her during a storm, as she can blow away. I am working on a way to overcome that.

I am proud of her. My dream is being realised through another.

I am also working on an artificial pair of wings. Afterall, I want to fly too!

We live in the lab, the safest place for her.

She is as normal as anybody. And she can fly! I feel as satisfied as scoring 35 centuries, making 11,175 runs, taking 500 wickets, and averaging 99.99! I must sign off now. Zani and I are going out for dinner and then to watch a match. Tomorrow we attend yet another WWC and after that we are to meet a cricketer! Goodnight.

Dr. Zirzya Zarlow



1. pallavi - March 18, 2006

wow man this is the birth of another genre
interesting stuff!
ps it’s not corny 🙂

2. sporadicblogger - March 19, 2006

lol, its corny times hundred

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