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Lost March 7, 2006

Posted by K in Friends, Poem.

There were two birds

Sat side by side

Pulling at twigs

They found beside

Hop and skip

Staid followed the other

An about turn:

Hop skipped the other

A friendly push

Back flew the other

Let’s watch the match

Said both together

“I lost a friend”

Confided one to another

“No, she lost you,”

Assured the other.

They stayed together

Through seasons many

Friends enough

To meet occasional monthly

A storm one season

A gathering tidal wave

That friend is gone

Remnants of a person remain.

The lone bird watches a wing tip

Wonders why

It doesn’t think to cry

Launches itself for an untroubled fly

Would be nice if it could remain

Trapped in the web of old

But birds of a feather flock together;

Born-again ones fly happily (uneasily?)alone.



1. pallavi - March 9, 2006

this is a special poem for me
thanks for everything
pallavi:) 🙂

2. pallavi - March 11, 2006

yaar the template is beautiful but it ‘s cpovering the word ‘massive’ massively so jus have a look:)

3. sporadicblogger - March 11, 2006

u gotto run ur mouse over it: it lights up 🙂

i dunno where the links went tho…added sonme freshly yesterday, but i ant see em anywhere

4. Ashmi - April 14, 2006

Hello Koyel…this is Ashmi, Bhumi’s sister…just wanted to tell you that your poetry is so pretty! Lost, I feel, has this moment of pathos..very, very soft, and so heartfelt.Keep up the brilliant verbal artistry.

5. sporadicblogger - April 14, 2006

hi ashmi( I KNOW who ashmi is 😉 ) 😀
thank you, lovey your comment 🙂
It prob has its moment of pathos because it represented a phase of my life 🙂

6. diana - July 30, 2006

a march promise to a friend
to a bird from a fish that was bird
right there
love ya

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