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Why the Newspaper, saab? February 25, 2006

Posted by K in contemporary, Poem.


Do you read

Between the lines

Or are you happy

In agreement?

Do you know

Who the owner is?

The owner’s business

The owner’s loyalties?

Do you recognise

It is not infallible

Do you know

When it spews untruth?

Are you any different

Now that you know the T.R.U.T.H

Is the world any different

For your unconscious ingestion of News?



1. pallavi - February 25, 2006

totally true,hmmm good thinking cud!actually i guess we should link my article on jessica lal with this its a perfect combination:)

2. sporadicblogger - February 25, 2006

how do we do that?

theres a prob with poems posting here. the stanzas dont show. theres no demarkation 😦

3. nishtha singhal - February 28, 2006

dude,,,,,dis is so like a journalism(hons.) poem…………really cool…u know what? contact tenzin from journo first year,…she’s the department secy…she might wanna pin up dis poem on the journo board…………great going dude i’m gonna set up an expressions blog soon n i want u n pallavi to do the publicity bit for the blog n u do keep writin for expressions…i believe there’s an Amity fest comin up…noida that is…do keep checkin the board for its poster..expected this week end…

4. sporadicblogger - March 1, 2006

thanks nishtha 😀 so happy u likd it, boosted my confidence 😉 will give it to her. will watch out for the poster

5. Bhumi - March 7, 2006

SMALLHANDS big brain + inspiring SN + a little bit from Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes = this truly amazing poem! I see a journalist in the making : )

6. sporadicblogger - March 7, 2006

lol. jessica lal+cc actually. but good guess EQUALLY SMALL HANDS!:D

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