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Who likes Gone With The Wind February 25, 2006

Posted by K in Reviews/Rants.

Gone with the Wind is a brilliant book which got butchered by Selznick who deserves to have his insides rearranged by a kukri if he weren’t dead already(is he??)Link Nothing personal, but seriously, if the dude doesn’t want to spend enough on an admittedly long movie had it been loyal to the book; he should have just LEFT IT ALONE!! Know why I’m very incensed? Because of the way he portrays Scarlett and the blacks. Dude is mentally deficient, give him dabur badam shirin or something. Scarlett is NOT a petulant child. She’s a woman who knows her mind and defies everyone, including Rhett to do what she has to to ‘never be hungry again’. Whatever, we can argue about this, but if you like the movie, you obviously like Rhett better and are mad at Scarlett for not allowing you those sickly sweet tears of a fulfilled romance which is not yours. Go get a boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever, woman/man/whatever! See the book objectively(ha ha ha)! Or with a feminist perspective 🙂 whatever!
Also about the blacks-i’m aware of the fact that Margaret Mitchell portrayed the blacks as inferiors, but Pork is not a dim-witted idiot even in the book. Pork ofcourse is a dumb name and extremely racist, but lets not even go into that. That would make this a post of god knows how many words and you would run away, and we wouldn’t want that would we? :D:D
Selznick’s choice of actors for the roles also leave everything to be desired. Vivien Leigh is as like Scarlett as I am. And i’m 5 feet nothing(quarter, actually :D), Indian, dark hair, NO green eyes …you get the picture.
Clark Gable is the only dude who fits his character, despite everything.

This was an emotion driven rant that I lifted from my first joint blog with a friend(Pallavi. Go read her blog. It is interesting). I promise to come back with a highly objective, intensely critical perspective soon enough. I’m doing this next year anyway. Can’t wait!*rubs hands with glee* lolol.



1. pallavi - February 25, 2006

hahaaahaaa hilarious,thanks for the cheap publicity as well,tooooooooo funnyy hahaaahaaahaaaa
im rolling on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well done:):)

2. Shivam Vij - February 25, 2006

And when was the last time anyone liked a book-turned-movie? I think this comparison should not be made at all. Movies should be judged on their own merit even if they are born of books. The novel is not the script, you know!

(Hidden agenda: there are too many books that I would myself like to make into movies!)

3. Shivam Vij - February 25, 2006

When you mention your joint blog, why don’t you link to it?

4. sporadicblogger - February 25, 2006

Ah, movies are an art, and i understand to be good ones they don’t have to be faithful to the book. However, when they claim to be an adaptation of a book, and not inspired by a book, i think it is important for them to capture the essence of the characters in the book.
which is why satyajit ray’s Ghore-Baire has been criticised. I cannot comment on the cinematography of gone with the wind(knowing as little as i do about cinema) but according to what i’ve read its the best they could do at the point of time. It is the choice of actors and the interpretation of the characters that is problematic according to me.
talking about good book-turned-films, i think Lord of The Rings was a decent enough job. I infact liked it better than the book.

no use linking to the joint blog-its dead 😀 we’ve built separate ones now

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