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I’m a Part of Society February 24, 2006

Posted by K in contemporary, Life.

Strangeness’ always stands out. I noticed a fellow at the Mohammadpur Bus Stop today who was strange. He was strange because he was doing stretching exercises on the bus stop. First he picked up one knee, and rotated his ankle. The other ankle followed. Then came some side stretches. Finally, he bent backwards, went really low, and stuck his crotch out towards the road. Stretching his back, I’m guessing and hoping. Sometime later he came up to me and politely asked me the time. Excuse me, what is the time? He wanted to set his watch. Again-What’s the date today? Then-Thank you. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t react very well. I gave the barest minimum answers, and then inclined my head with a half smile on my lips.

Why? Because his activities disconcerted me. Because it was a lonely area, and I couldn’t spot any other women around. As far as I could see there were about 10 auto drivers squatting a few metres away, and a few men in and around my immediate neighbourhood. I think I was feeling threatened.

Would I have reacted similarly had he asked me in Hindi instead of Ms Pushpa English? Would I have given him the exact time instead of rounding it off to three thirty if he hadn’t stuck out his crotch at the passing traffic??

He was an ordinary fellow. He wore clothes like you or me. Had a carefully grown beard and moustache, slicked hair. Had the middle class urge to speak English to impress. There were a fistful of people at the bus stand, but he, for obvious reasons, stood out. A strange little ordinary man who reminded me that I’m not an island.



1. nisha - March 23, 2006

A strange little ordinary man who reminded me that I’m not an island – koyel i swear to you, if i could have it, that line would be mine!! 🙂
I am so addicted to your blog. WHY have i never read your writing before. And more than anything i love how u obviously proofread and edit, so that it looks so classy! no typoville nothing!

2. sporadicblogger - March 23, 2006

LOl, no typo! u caught me on a good day, thats all 😉
and thanks 😀

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