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My Love February 23, 2006

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Nature, Poem.

I am the Spirit

Of all living things,

I am the Spirit

Of all green things.

I am Nature,

I am a human being;

I am the stars,

I am the seas.
I flit across,

I travel afar-

I move with the waters,

I flow with the breeze.

I dance on tree tops,

I sing with the bees;

I grow with the flowers:

I whirl through the streets.

I am here, there, everywhere;

I am so small,I am so big,

I am the Creator, the overseer-

Of all things on earth.

I used to feed my hungry eyes, I stared at fields of green,

The colour of the grass, of the charming flowers-

Bathed in the rays

Of the yellow sun.

I used to inhale, I used to breathe-

The scent of the flowers, the breeze from the trees;

A whiff of wet earth, a whiff of the seas-

Would cleanse my soul, would cleanse my being.

I used to taste the fresh morning air,

I used to taste the starry nights:

I would feed on wild berries, I would drink from the cup

A brew made by me, the elixir of life.

I used to touch the air around me,

I used to touch the skies;

I used to feel the rays of the sun,

I used to touch my Earth.

I used to hear the sounds of the woods,

The roaring murmur of immortal seas;

I used to hear the footfalls of all creatures:

Now I hear only one.

I hear the ever-loudening footfalls of Man.

He, who holds humanity in his hand

He, whose mind is brittle, thoughts impressionable;

He, whose heart will obey, those who can dictate to it.

He, who thinks he alone is right-

He, who is a foolish fanatic.

He, who will crush those who stand in his way-

He, who is destroying Nature, he who is destroying me.

He is uprooting the green of the fields:

He is slashing away the red of the flowers;

I am turning blind; my sight is gone-

There is nothing left for me to see.

He is flinging fumes into the air-

He is polluting the seas.

I am choking! God help me!

What do I breathe?!

The fresh morning air? The cool starry nights?

Have changed into black day, and night.

The berries are gone, the elixir contaminated;

I cannot eat, therefore I starve.

No more can I touch the air around me, nor can I touch the skies;

The skin on my fingers just shrivels away, with every tentative thrust.

I can feel no more, my touch is dead.

Oh woe! What use is a senseless thing?

The sounds from the woods I hear alright-

The sounds of trees being felled:

The sounds of cars, the sounds of machines-

Have torn my ears, now I hear no more.

I see my creatures die everyday,

I see my trees bleed to death:

I am seeing my Earth wither away;

Grief is strangling my heart!

Tears may well fall from my sightless eyes,

But what can be their use?

Can they reconstruct oceans?

Can they bring back what is lost?

I am completely at Man’s mercy-

But is that always so bad?

Every now and then a glimpse I catch-

Which fills me with undying hope…

They are waking up, they know that they need

All the forest’s creatures, all the forest’s trees;

They know that with me their souls too will die,

For I am the Spirit, the Spirit of ALL beings.

The day draws near, when I become whole again,

I know aeons may pass before that happens again.

I shall wait, I won’t lose hope:

I am reassured by the voices that call-

“Wake! Wake!

Before it is too late!”



1. pallavi - February 24, 2006

beaytiful,ur truly a genius am floored thanks for writing this
love you muaahh:):)

2. sporadicblogger - February 24, 2006

lol, bit amateurish(wrote it when i was 14) but i like it. it was one of the first poems i truly truly felt at the bottom of my heart
ps-thanks for the comment 🙂

3. kishore - July 10, 2009

Mighty darn good if you really wrote this when you were 14! nice usage of words. That time in life when we actually started wondering why(at least i did)

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