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Death: A Poem February 23, 2006

Posted by K in Death, Poem.

What is Death?

But another phase of spiritual life

How do we know to be scared of it?

What do we know to avoid it?

Who has come back

To tell what lies

In that stage which remains

Beyond the living man.

For all we know it could well contain

All that we seek’d before

Perhaps it is the Eden

Perhaps the Devils Abode

Who knows where the soul travels after Death?

Or if it does at all .

What happens to the lifeless body?

Is it just left to rot?

Is the flesh meant to feed?

Satisfy the microorganisms?

Is that how Nature desires

To maintain the balance of life ?

Or does the soul strip the flesh

And travel to an unknown lair

Is the soul then given another job?

Is it given a new life to live?

What is Death?

What happens after death?

Is there something beyond Death?

The mystery of death

Shall so remain

Till a dead man writes a diary .



1. albert camus - March 3, 2006

what the fuck is this? thats the worst piece of writing ever.

2. sporadicblogger - March 5, 2006

🙂 appreciate your comment. I wrote this when I was fourteen. It’s more an expression of my thoughts and questions about death, rather than a piece of literature. I’ve always been very interested in the concept of death. That was my 14 year old mind wandering.

3. reborn - March 20, 2006

hey thats a pretty cool piece of writing. love the ending. what if the dead man writes not a diary but comes back to life never to die again? wowie, now thats a thought! haha
but thats a different story. i like the writing

4. sporadicblogger - March 21, 2006

thank you 😀 really appreciate comment :D:D

5. Rahul - October 6, 2007

Dear Frind i Like Ur Poem…Its Was Mind Blowing……If u Have More Please Do Send Me On THis mail Id…

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